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  1. Hi Katia, Currently there is not a way to update the value of related record in the workflow. The best option I think is to use the API call workflow action to call your own system and update your contact record with data from the opportunity using the NameId value stored in the link for opportunity to contact. You could have Total Amount be a formula field and have it be equal to c_totalAmount plus another field where you would store the value from opportunity. But make sure the fields you use in the formula have a default value, NULL or unset values can cause issues when the system tri
  2. Hi bigbankclub, Can you see if there are an console errors for the javascript. Also can you check to see if the web calls for the notification data is working correctly. -Jack
  3. On line 46 change "$this->fieldModel['fieldName'] " to "$this->name " In php 8 accessing a undefined array key throws an error instead of previous versions were this would be a notice. We are working on updating our php 8.0 compatibility for our next update.
  4. Can you please upload you copy of the file "protected\modules\x2Leads\components\X2LeadsDataColumn.php"
  5. Hi Brown, Can you please share how you got to the page with the error. -Jack
  6. Hi Tanmoy, Have you set up your cron table in the admin settings? -Jack
  7. You can set the record to visibility to private, or set the access rules for roles by going to admin->user management-> edit user permissions & access rules. -Jack
  8. If you go to admin->System settings-> Activity Feed Settings you will find an automatic way to clear activities. -Jack
  9. Hi rordallas, to rectify this for now you can manually compete the campaign. We look more into this. -Jack
  10. Hi Allied, you should be able to do this from the index view, the main grid view. You can click on the check box in the top left of the grid, then it will allow you to select all the records, then you can click the delete button. -Jack
  11. For this you need to base64 encode an api key plus username. Here is a link to our wiki that gives more info. http://wiki.x2crm.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference -Jack
  12. Hi Smurf, You can find the file in the location where you set up your x2 instance, typically it is in the "public_html" folder or what ever folder host the content for your website. -Jack
  13. For contact profile link, are you referring to the assignedTo of the contact record?
  14. Hi Chad1964, I think the series of errors you are posting about all steam from the set up of your mysql data base. Can you try using the command "set global sql_mode='';" and see if that fixes your issue and if that does not work try "set sql_mode=''" -Jack
  15. Can you please post line 358 in file protected/modules/marketing/models/Fingerprint.php and the function that contains the line.
  16. Comment out line (109) Docs->infoDocCheck() in protected/modules/docs/models/Docs.php that should fix the issue, we will patch it in the next update.
  17. Thanks for the info. I will look into this.
  18. Hi John, The search sql is made in "protected/controllers/SearchController.php" in the "actionSearch()" function, it uses the fields in the sql table. If you remove the entree in the x2_fields table for "c_CompatWebsite" that should take out the root of your issue. -Jack
  19. Hi Charl, You need to generate your encryption keys to this run "protected/yiic cryptsetup" from the terminal. -Jack
  20. Thank you for your info What email service are you using? I will be sure to put a patch in one of our upcoming updates. -Jack
  21. Hi John, Can you try clearing the protected/runtime/cache/ of all the .bin files. -Jack
  22. Hi wirespring, What trigger are you using for the workflow and can you share the trigger log of the workflow. -Jack
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Hi Walter, As this issue, it seems to be just an SQL issue can you post the X2_quotes_products table. I think it is missing the quantity column. -Jack
  25. Hi Urthllc, Is this happening for all users or just the new user? -Jack
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