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  1. Hi Eugeneb, Happy you like the update. Yes there is a change log, we plan on posting it early next week. -Jack
  2. On line 67 please replace this $showUserCalendars = isset($showCalendars['userCalendars']) ? $showCalendars['userCalendars'] : 1; with this $showUserCalendars = isset($showCalendars['userCalendars']) ? $showCalendars['userCalendars'] : array(); We will put out a hot fix later this week. -Jack
  3. No there is not, can you post the stack trace you got
  4. Hi User, We are pushing out a new version that will fix this issue but if you need to save right now comment out line 109 in protected/modules/docs/models/Docs.php The one where "infoDocCheck" is called. -Jack
  5. Hi user, This is an issue with how non arrays are handled in newer php. We have a fix in the next update coming out in a couple days but if you need it now. replace you code protected/modules/calendar/views/calendar/calendar.php around line 123 with this if(is_array($userCalendars)){ foreach($userCalendars as $user){ if(isset($this->calendarUsers[$user])){ $userCalendarFeed = $this->createUrl('jsonFeed', array('calendarId' => $user)); $checkedUserCalendars .= ' $("#calendar").fullCalendar("addEventSource",{
  6. Hi spiceagent11, This sound like a problem with the JS, I would check you web browsers console for any errors that pop up after you update. -Jack
  7. Yes, you can put the "DoNotEmail" field on the record form and change it like any other field.
  8. Set the 20 people role to not be able to view the model in "index.php/admin/editRoleAccess"
  9. Hi Tanmoyrock, You can give these users a role then set it in admin "index.php/admin/editRoleAccess" which lets you set the record access, field access can be set from "index.php/admin/manageRoles" more options can also be found in the "User Management" on the admin page. -Jack
  10. I can't lay out all the steps since I don't know them all. You would need to create/modify 20 files or more. Adding fingerprinting to leads is not something I would recommend trying unless you have a lot of php and js programing experience as this would entail a lot of your own testing to ensure it works correctly. -Jack
  11. Hi Vatalii, A lot of the web form and tracking is designed for use with just the contact model. You can get it to work with x2leads but you have to make modifications to the code and tables. If you want to start on these changes you'll first have to work with expanding the "fingerprint" model to work with Leads. -Jack
  12. New web lead, is a trigger for when a web from is submitted. What it sounds like is you are creating leads by API, in that case you should use the "Record Created" trigger and set it for leads. -Jack
  13. When you submit the form does it return a "Thank You" message?
  14. Hi PilgrimofIT, Our permissions in the app don't allow for hierarchy, just assignment to users or groups. We have implemented what you described in a couple of enterprise clients but it can not be set up with out some code changes to you instance. -Jack
  15. Try your web form from an incognito browser or device that you have not used to log into X2. -Jack
  16. Hi Vitalii, Go to protected/models/X2Model.php then find "$pickerOptions" under "case 'date':" and add "'yearRange' => '-100:+100'," to the array so it looks like. $pickerOptions = array(// jquery options 'dateFormat' => Formatter::formatDatePicker(), 'changeMonth' => false, 'changeYear' => true, 'yearRange' => '-100:+100', ); This will allow you to pick 100 years into the future or past. -Jack
  17. Hello, can you confirm that line 144 in protected/components/behaviors/CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php is Yii::app()->db->createCommand( 'UPDATE x2_sessions SET status=status-1,lastUpdated=:time WHERE user=:name AND CAST(IP AS CHAR)=:ip AND status BETWEEN -2 AND 0') ->bindValues( array(':time' => time(), ':name' => $effectiveUsername, ':ip' => $ip)) ->execute(); Also what is the user name of your user? -Jack
  18. If you know sql you can just run describe on your table and it will list out all variables. -Jack
  19. Hi Max I think your issue stems from a php incompatibility are you running php 8 or any thing greater then 7.2? If so you might want to downgrade for now as we are working on supporting it but are current releases don't. If you want to continue to use your version this code should fix this issue public function getLastLogin () { //had to add this since php changes if(!isset($this->user['lastLogin'])) return NULL; return $this->user['lastLogin']; } but you may run into other issues. -Jack
  20. Sorry to ask for so much but can you also post /protected/models/Profile.php around line 1294 and tell me what the url is when you get this error
  21. "Hi, The following action: {associationName}/{subject} is pending from your end. Please view & close the action item 'your URL HERE'/index.php/actions/{id} . Please log in & complete the action."
  22. can you also post the x2_profile table
  23. Hi tanmoyrock, you can also fine the shortcode list by going to the index.php/admin/manageFields and it will give Field name of all of your custom attributes, you can also right click on any field on your form and the field name will be in the HTML of the field IE contacts first name is name="Contacts[firstName]" so if you wanted to put it in shortcode it is {firstName}. -Jack
  24. Can you check your x2_users table and see if it is empty?
  25. Hi Alt_f4, We have been testing on php 8.0 compatibility and hope to have it out in the next update. -Jack
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