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  1. Thank you for the follow up. I will dig more into this issue and try to add a fix in a future release. -Jack
  2. Thanks Brown, To get more details on the line before line 321 "$actionsStartDate = $command->queryScalar();" of the file can you add "printR($command,1);" and post what you get when you load the page. Then a temporary fix so you can view your record delete line 322 "$actionsStartDate = $command->queryScalar();" and replace it with "$actionsStartDate = time();" -Jack
  3. Hi bigbankclub, This is an issue that shows up if you use the same web browser that you login into x2 with to view the webforms. Try viewing the other webpages with a different browser or incognito mode. -Jack
  4. Hi Brown, Can you upload your file for C:\xampp\htdocs\X2CRM\x2engine\protected\components\sortableWidget\recordViewWidgets\ActionHistoryChartWidget.php So I can look over it. -Jack
  5. Hi Bob, how many records are you trying to export and can you open you console tab and see if there are any errors? -Jack
  6. Hi Katia, Currently there is not a way to update the value of related record in the workflow. The best option I think is to use the API call workflow action to call your own system and update your contact record with data from the opportunity using the NameId value stored in the link for opportunity to contact. You could have Total Amount be a formula field and have it be equal to c_totalAmount plus another field where you would store the value from opportunity. But make sure the fields you use in the formula have a default value, NULL or unset values can cause issues when the system tri
  7. Hi bigbankclub, Can you see if there are an console errors for the javascript. Also can you check to see if the web calls for the notification data is working correctly. -Jack
  8. On line 46 change "$this->fieldModel['fieldName'] " to "$this->name " In php 8 accessing a undefined array key throws an error instead of previous versions were this would be a notice. We are working on updating our php 8.0 compatibility for our next update.
  9. Can you please upload you copy of the file "protected\modules\x2Leads\components\X2LeadsDataColumn.php"
  10. Hi Brown, Can you please share how you got to the page with the error. -Jack
  11. Hi Tanmoy, Have you set up your cron table in the admin settings? -Jack
  12. You can set the record to visibility to private, or set the access rules for roles by going to admin->user management-> edit user permissions & access rules. -Jack
  13. If you go to admin->System settings-> Activity Feed Settings you will find an automatic way to clear activities. -Jack
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