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  1. HI Kamran, You will want to export the action records to get call logs. -Jack
  2. Hi Bigbankclub, I think the action creation is coded to only put the fields show above. I think to change this you would have to change the handleWebForm action. -Jack
  3. Hi Craig, I see you posted in 2 different post dealing with calendar issues. Both of the post deal with different errors. If you could post your stack trace for your error I would be able to provided more assistance. -Jack
  4. That could be the issue for you, but if all your text of your email is intact then I would not think it is being truncated.
  5. Hi Eugeneb, I don't have any specifics but removing "$model->content = Fields::getPurifier()->purify($model->content);" from the marking controller should work. You can also mess with the function "public static function getPurifier(){" in the file protected/models/Fields.php to allow the html that is being striped. I have not tested either of these solutions but it should be the right direction. -Jack
  6. Hi eugenb, This is most likely due to style (width, height, font-size, etc...) you use in your HTML. Some of our validators check style on html when you save and says what style elements are allowed to be set and which are not. I can't name the files that do this off the top of my head but we will look into changing this in a future release. -Jack
  7. Hi Eugeneb, Happy you like the update. Yes there is a change log, we plan on posting it early next week. -Jack
  8. On line 67 please replace this $showUserCalendars = isset($showCalendars['userCalendars']) ? $showCalendars['userCalendars'] : 1; with this $showUserCalendars = isset($showCalendars['userCalendars']) ? $showCalendars['userCalendars'] : array(); We will put out a hot fix later this week. -Jack
  9. No there is not, can you post the stack trace you got
  10. Hi User, We are pushing out a new version that will fix this issue but if you need to save right now comment out line 109 in protected/modules/docs/models/Docs.php The one where "infoDocCheck" is called. -Jack
  11. Hi user, This is an issue with how non arrays are handled in newer php. We have a fix in the next update coming out in a couple days but if you need it now. replace you code protected/modules/calendar/views/calendar/calendar.php around line 123 with this if(is_array($userCalendars)){ foreach($userCalendars as $user){ if(isset($this->calendarUsers[$user])){ $userCalendarFeed = $this->createUrl('jsonFeed', array('calendarId' => $user)); $checkedUserCalendars .= ' $("#calendar").fullCalendar("addEventSource",{
  12. Hi spiceagent11, This sound like a problem with the JS, I would check you web browsers console for any errors that pop up after you update. -Jack
  13. Yes, you can put the "DoNotEmail" field on the record form and change it like any other field.
  14. Set the 20 people role to not be able to view the model in "index.php/admin/editRoleAccess"
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