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  1. Dear ibernhardt, In order to help with this issue we need more information. 1. What database are you using? 2. What version of php are you using? 3. What version of our application are you using? 4. Where you do specifically see the slowness? - And how slow is it? 5. Are you using the base configuration for mysql? (if you are using mysql) - For this please reference this link https://www.percona.com/blog/2014/01/28/10-mysql-performance-tuning-settings-after-installation/ 6. Are you setting any expiration dates for actions? 7. What is your throughout-put from your database to your serv
  2. Hi Robert! Are there any error messages? I can't debuge the js for you but I will recommend looking at console errors and maybe server side errors. It could be the issue with the JS you are inserting due to it using document which can vary depending on how different websites create their view pages. This is not a feature or bug we currently have so I can't help you much but with a simple debugging I think is it possible! Wish you all the luck! Sincerely, Justin
  3. Hi Robert! You would probably put this in the view of the contact or x2lead. I believe it is called view.php under the corresponding module. (Assuming that this js does what it intends to do and nothing more) Sincerely, Justin
  4. Hi Pmc! How are you launching your campaigns? Sincerely, Justin
  5. Hi Pmc! What version of x2 are you on? Sincerely, Justin
  6. Hi TechnoDino! You can utilize the "multi-select" dropdown. In the admin panel you can create a new attribute that is a multi-select dropdown with credentials you need. You can also edit current drop-downs to be multi-select too! If you use tags you can search for tags! But multi-select dropdown seems to be the best option. Sincerely, Justin
  7. Hi ibernhardt! We don't know if it is compatible with php 5.4, however it should be compatible with php 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2. Try upgrading the version of php to those? Sincerely, Justin
  8. Hi ibernhardt! The best way to proceed with this is to reserve the id's (56, 57, 58) in the table 'x2_docs'. You can conduct an update command to change the id's to a bigger number. We have resolved this issue in a more recent update! The other option is to update manually which we do not recommend due to the difficulty. Hopefully this helps! Sincerely, Justin
  9. Hi Tango November! We are still working at this feature! Most likely it will be released early next year! Sincerely, Justin
  10. Hi Popoypoi22! Thats very strange. I'll check up the issue and let you know asap! Sincerely, Justin
  11. Hi Popoypoi22! It looks like you have manipulated something on the back end I want to assume? The enterprise version, nor the open source should have Email Contact on the Periodic Trigger. However, we will include this action on trigger to see what the issue is and try to re-create the issue. Sincerely, Justin
  12. Hi Popypoi22! Can we also view how you set up the action Email? You can hide all the important information. Furthermore I can't help but notice that your Email Contact action is suppose to be just Email. Did you rename the action?
  13. Hi popoypoi22! We will try to recreate this issue on our end. To re-cap this is a periodic trigger with the condition "on list", Triggering on a Email Contact action. We will let you know asap if we are successfully able to re-create this issue, and I will also update on fixes as well! So far nothing seems odd about how you implemented the workflow so we are looking into this issue!
  14. Hi Popoypoi22! There could be many reasons why this could be happening. What version of X2 are you on? Sincerely, Justin
  15. Hi blacksystems! I believe you need to be on https( not http). We do checks through out our application to make sure that your server is on a https request. Sincerely, Justin
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