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  1. Seems there is a SQL query in my X2 instance that contains "c_CompatWebsite"i in the WHERE clause. Is it possible to find this query and fix it or delete? Which is preferred? I have been using phpMyAmin to try to find the query with no luck.
  2. Here is screen capture for most recent error. Forgot to attach to previous post.
  3. Jack: I did as you recommended and deleted the .bin files. I "found" a folder labeled "cache2" and deleted a .bin file from that folder. Same result a 500 error. Screen capture attached.
  4. Version 7.1 (Community Edition; hosted by my ISP). Query database (using the search box) for a record known to be in my database. Received a Error 500. In found & deleted (using Manage Fields function) the c_CompatWebsite column referenced in the error message. I ran the query after deleting the column; same error. Exit database & login; run query & receive the error again Attached Image is screen shot showing Stack Trace. Looking for some help to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. John
  5. Opening a custom module gives the following error. Stack trace follows. The custom field in question is defined in the Field Manager as a URL; not required and not searchable. In the worst case I have exported all the data from this module. Error Code: 500 Error Message: Property "Contactdata.c_CompantWebsite" is not defined. Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] CException in /home/jcpenter/public_html/x2/framework/db/ar/CActiveRecord.php(145) #0 /home/jcpenter/public_html/x2/framework/db/ar/CActiveRecord.php(145): CComponent->__get('c_CompantWebsit...') #1 /home/jcpenter/public_ht
  6. Successfully connected to Send grid on 11/19/2019. Just goes to prove that asking for help usually brings help. Or maybe in this some special X2 mojo. In any event, thanks so much for responding.
  7. I have a contact form with many data entry boxes (columns) which makes for lots of vertical scrolling. The data fields are in "groups", that is data fields on the same topic located in close proximity. Can I create a tabbed view? If not a tabbed view, a menu allowing me to move from group to group? I am want to find a method to reduce the amount of vertical scrolling for large data entry forms.
  8. X2 Community Edition 7.1. I have empty field rows ( see attached) which I want to "delete" (remove from the form). Is this possible? If yes, how do I delete these blank rows?
  9. X2 Community Edition 7.1. I can connect to Send Grid using my login credentials. I cannot connect to Send Grid even though X2 supports connecting to Send Grid. Consistently receive a Credential Validation Error.
  10. Just to clarify, do you want the actual text? Or some thing else?
  11. Add a backup tool to X2. Suggestions, just suggestions. Time Intervals: Now; Today; every 7 days and every 30 day. File location Selection: on a remote drive ( a PC disc location; Dropbox; Google drive; a hosted drive); the current "network". Time Selector; set time (hours & minutes) for Today; 7 or 30 day. Now = right now.
  12. Add capabilities to drop down lists. My thoughts on how to implement, just a suggestion. Sorting radio buttons (or whatever) for three sorting choices: None Ascending (letters A to Z; numbers smallest to largest to) Descending ( letters Z to A; numbers largest to smallest) a combo box style drop down a drop down with 2 columns: one column with the value to be inserted into the field and one column with a description of the drop down item. the "ultimate" drop down create a drop down and select sorting (in Customization). On the form, type in "new" drop down values which automaticall
  13. How smart is X2 with URL fields? 1. Typical data entry scenario for URLs (at least for me). Select>>Copy>>Paste into a URL field. Is this a live link or (converted) to text when pasted into the URL field? 2. Should links in URL fields include: "https://www." ? 3. How/Can I create & store live links in URL data fields?
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