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  1. bump to the top. I really need a reminder 1 day before a contacts birthday.
  2. Trying to connect google (apps) with X2. I can "verify credentials" but then when I click save I get the Err 500 Message above. I have allowed less secure apps in Google. Any suggestions for getting around this?
  3. Bumping this to the top. I am at a loss for not being able to get my leads from other sources into X2.
  4. Not an IT person so this does not mean much to me. Here is what I get from running the script. //////////////////// // COMPOSE OUTPUT // //////////////////// $output = ''; if(!$canInstall){ $output .= '<div style="width: 100%; text-align:center;"><h1>'.installer_t("Cannot $scenario X2Engine")."</h1></div>\n"; $output .= "<strong>".installer_t('Unfortunately, your server does not meet the minimum system requirements;')."</strong><br />"; }else if($hasMessages){ $output .= '<div style="width: 100%; text-align:center;"><h1>'.in
  5. lt2018

    ERROR 500

    Might this be why i cannot verify my google email also? What is the fix for this? Error Code: 500 Error Message: Cannot verify package contents. Checksum file is missing. Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] CException in /home/luxeteamus/public_html/crm/framework/base/CComponent.php(127) #0 /home/luxeteamus/public_html/crm/protected/components/UpdaterBehavior.php(521): UpdaterBehavior->checkIfChecksumsAvail(true) #1 /home/luxeteamus/public_html/crm/protected/components/UpdaterBehavior.php(607): UpdaterBehavior->checkIf('checksumsAvail', true) #2 /home/luxeteamus/public_html/crm
  6. I am a real estate broker in Dallas and we capture leads from lots of different sources like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Facebook, etc. Most of these sources have a direct integration with Real Estate CRMs or they connect via Zapier. How would I go about connect all of these valuable lead sources to X2? I do not see a relationship with X2 and Zapier. Am I wrong on this?
  7. I don't even see where X2 works with Zapier. Where can I find more on this?
  8. I cannot get either my personal email or google suite email account to authenticate. We of course want our business accounts working with this new installation of X2crm however when we try to authenticate it fails. I have logged into my google suites and reset my password there and tried again at X2crm and still failed. Just to see if it would work I tried my personal gmail account and the same thing is happening. I then decided to try my yahoo account with the same results. My questions are 1. Is there another setting somewhere that I am missing in this setup? 2. I have a new server..
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