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  1. Hi Rob, We are currently testing X2 in PHP 7.1 & 7.2 to eliminate bugs. If you are running X2 in one of these versions, we would appreciate it if you could report any bugs with the running of X2CRM with PHP 7.1 or 7.2. We are hoping to have the testing done and the app updated and ready by the end of November. -Phil
  2. Hi John, Have you looked under the "more" drop-down menu at the edge of the modules list? Any newly made modules will be put into this drop down. If it is not there, then it could be one of the following as well: If you made it only visible to admins during the creation, it wouldn't show up for every user. Check your user interface settings under "Manage menu items". From here you can add or remove modules from the top bar
  3. Hi alt_f4, Thank you for letting us know about the SSL certificate! I've let our engineers know that it will be expiring soon and they should be looking into it. -Phil
  4. Hi bbs2009, I looked into this issue, and it should no longer redirect you to 49ers.com. Our Wordfence plugin had certain countries blocked and was redirecting away from our website. I've changed this so it should allow you to access our website now. -Phil
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