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  1. My email credentials are not encrypted and I cannot get the system to create the encryption.iv and encryption.key files. I deleted them as mentioned, they are not created automaticaley when I re-create the email credentials or start the app; and I checked the config directory permissions. I can also not get the app to create them manually by running protected/yiic, I get a "You don't have permission to access this resource." error. Anybody with advice on how to resolve the matter and get the email credentials encrypted?
  2. Hi I just read an article about the new PHP 8 being released on November 26, 2020. We manage quite a few WordPress websites so the article is more relating to WordPress, but I'm sure it will have an impact on our X2 systems as well, you can read the article here - https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2020/11/php-8-what-wordpress-users-need-to-know Is anybody aware of X2 changes or a new version being released because of the PHP 8 release? Regards Charl
  3. RESOLVED by replacing the encryption files as described here - http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3772-issue-after-updating-to-71/ Hi When I setup Sendgrid as an app, all is well but after the setup the "lock" next to the name is red, when I hover my mouse over it I see "Credentials stored in plain text". On my other installations of X2 the lock is green. I have no idea how to fix this, anybody any idea? Thank you Charl
  4. Hi alt_f4 Thank you for your feedback and advice. I'm ok with the look and feel of the X2 forms, my issue is more with the functionality of the forms and the CSFR token issues. Why must I pay for a 3rd party form builder like GF when X2 is supposed to be able to do something so basic. I might as well then pay a monthly fee for a decent CRM/Emailing system with support and functionality that works. Thanks you again ;-)
  5. I keep getting an error about the CSFR Token when I make the changes to fix the issue as in previous and old topics, it breaks my images. Why is getting the Web Lead Forms to work such a huge problem, it should be something basic and part of any decent CRM system. I see a lot of topics suggesting using Grafity forms etc. why? I don't want to use 3dr party web lead forms and have to pay for alternative form solutions, it should work as part of X2. When is the basic Web Lead Form and CSFR Token issue in X2 going to be fixed?
  6. Hi I simply cannot get the Top Menu Bar Logo or the Login Screen Logo to show my company logo. If I reset the logo's I get the X2 logo, and then upload the company logo's as I've always done, and it used to work, but for some reason, it no longer shows the company logos. I see the image placeholder icon and the site name at the top left and on the login screen also only the image place holder. I was getting an "Error 400 CSRF Token" error on my websites embedded form, I created the cname record as suggested and updated the settings in "Public Info Settings", now my embedded forms on the
  7. Hi I changed the unsubscribe wording in the email settings to "here", so my unsubscribe message should read - Click here if you want to unsubscribe On two different profiles, I get different errors - Profile 1 - The {_unsub} is not replaced with "here", so at the bottom of the email it reads "Click {_unsub} if you want to unsubscribe" instead of "Click here if you want to unsubscribe". How do I fix this? Profile 2 - I get a sentence break after the word "here". So the sentence reads - Click here if you want to unsubscribe How do I remove the break after the word "here" so my sentence
  8. Hi I need to send a membership certificate as/with an email to contacts; the email/certificate contains some database fields like membership number, type etc.. If it is sent as an email the contact can forward that email and make changes to the content of the email/certificate. Is there a way to convert the content to a secure pdf and then rather send it as an attachment with the email? Alternatively, any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you Charl
  9. Jack, thank you for the fix, works well, much appreciated
  10. Hi FlorenceSa, no I've not been able to resolve this and have not heard from anybody at X2 to get it resolved, hopefully soon
  11. Hi Jack I cannot open any of the saved summation reports so it's not a specific summation report. It is also when I try and create a new summation report. When I click and open the reports module and have the report types top left, I click on the Summation Report to create a new report, the window opens but the circle keeps on turning as if it's not loading; I then click on INSPECT, get 1x error in the console section; I click on the error and see the Error 500 message with the following lines - Error Code: 500 Error Message: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements
  12. Hi I'm getting a error 500 when trying to run a summation report; the error message reads "count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable". None of the old saved summation reports work and I cannot create a new summation report. All other reports work, saved and new. Is there a way of knowing which field/parameter/object it is that's not an array or countable? Not sure if upgrading to ver 8.0 changed something or if there is an error with one of my fields; I've not created any new fields in the db. I checked in the database tables and cannot find a missing val
  13. Hi support 1) When I use an attribute in the TO field on an email template it does not use the database value, the system disregards whatever database field attribute I use (eg. {c_Contact_Email}, {email} etc.) it sends the email to the contact's default email address. 2) I cannot enter a database attribute in the TO field in the workflow action "email", I get an error saying "Email: Invalid email address list:{c_Contact_Email}". I can only save the workflow if I enter an actual email address "abc@abc.com" in the TO field. Thank you
  14. I created an alternative email address field on the contact module, it's available on the contact form; each contact thus has a default/system email address and a second alternative email address. I want to use the alternative email address in the email "TO" field; some marketing/campaign emails need to be sent to only the alternative email address and not the default/system email address. I created an email template and inserted the {c_Contact_Email} attribute in the "To" field, X2, however, keeps on sending the emails to the default/system email address, and does not use the alternative
  15. Hi New feature request - 1) Assign modules to users - we don't want all users to see the available modules in the top menu bar. I currently set the rights as a workaround so the users cannot use some modules even though they are shown in the menu; it would be great if we could assign specific modules to users and only those assigned modules are then displayed to the user. 2) Assign reports to users, like with lists (private or public) - currently, all users can see all reports which is very confusing; espcially if I create a repport for a specific user, other users can also view the repo
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