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  1. Great Look forward to the fix. PS: I have a team that can contribute, if you could direct to what is exactly causing the bug we can write a patch.
  2. But now I don't see the button below: Click the button below to log into X2Engine CRM with your Google ID. https://imgur.com/KdfubfO
  3. This is solved with the solution mentioned here: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3773-error-500-with-openssl-decrypt-when-updating-to-71-fix/
  4. Hi, I am getting the following error when adding the OAuth 2.0 Credentials. Error Code: 500 Error Message: openssl_encrypt(): IV passed is 32 bytes long which is longer than the 16 expected by selected cipher, truncating Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] PHP warning in /var/www/x2/protected/components/util/EncryptUtil.php(159) #0 /var/www/x2/protected/components/util/EncryptUtil.php(159): openssl_encrypt() #1 /var/www/x2/protected/components/behaviors/JSONEmbeddedModelFieldsBehavior.php(242): EncryptUtil->encrypt() #2 /var/www/x2/protected/components/behaviors/TransformedFieldStorag
  5. I wonder what this means: https://www.x2crm.co...feature-update/ New in this release is a “Change Record” X2Workflow Action. This new workflow action allows users to switch to a related record during a workflow execution. Users can use it to do things like update a “total sales” amount on a Contact when a Quote is marked as won or otherwise update related records in response to X2Wofkflow triggers. Does it mean that you can only increment total sale count and not the total sale value because to get the total sale value, you will have to carry forward that value from the previous record.
  6. Hi X2Raymond, when you said the following in the reply above:: did you mean to do it manually or within the x2flow?
  7. Hi, I am trying to update a field called total payments in the contact Model made based on the payments made in the payments model. I have a lookup field to contact in the payment model. According to the following from the X2CRM release note, I must be able to achieve this using the "Change Record" action. Current, I am able to change to the contact model from the payment model. And in the attribute formula how do I refer to the parent (Payment) that originally invoked the related contact? Or is there any other method to achieve this. Thank you in advance for the help.
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