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  1. hi becaues of https://www.eugdpr.org/ customer's data must be protected. There is a big debate whether encryption is needed or not. Anyone got any experience or idea how to encrypt data that X2 is using, saving? I am going to use linux. Thank you Radek
  2. that's what I understood. What directory or directories I need to backup? Thank you Radek
  3. Hi I suppose it it is a good idea to run X2 on https only. Do you recommend that? Is there anything special I need to do in terms of X2 setting up? I will be using nginx on linux. Could you help/guide me how to set it up? Thank you Radek
  4. Hi I contacted support and my understanding is that there is no way X2 itself can do regular automatic backup. How do you manage that? How did you set it so your backup files are created and safe so you can restore your X2 application when needed. I'll be installing X2 on linux server in a cloud. Thank you Radek
  5. Hi I want to have sales divided by region. Let's say North and South region. And I don''t want them to be able to see each other's customers and leads. I can manage to set it up the way I want using roles. But the roles contain the same permission. I find it too timely to set up new group or update all of them if I want to tweak it. Is there a way to clone a group or have parent group or set up the whole thing simpler way? Thank you Radek
  6. 4. What I am asking here is whether when I send an email from X2 and the other party replies then if the email is attached to the contact I sent the email to 5. I won't have huge campaigns but wanted to know 6. It's quite common to have few campaigns - company updates, security updates, new products etc etc. I guess it might a request for new feature 7. do you use responsive emails? thank you for your help Radek
  7. hi I'm very serious to self host X2CRM but I am unsure how email within X2CRM works. Could someone please shed some light on that? Q1) can I access few of my inboxes from the system? Q2) if I send an email from the system I can find out whether the recepient opened the email Q3) can I "attach" outgoing email to a contact history? Q4) when a contact = recipient of the emaili reply to the email so it is attached to the contact. Meaning. I go a contact, click the email icon, send email and when the user replies I can see it under the contact itself Q5) can I schedule campaingns to be sent out
  8. I have to second what was written up there .... I am looking for new CRM solution for my company and when looking around by accident I found X2CRM. I do like it. It looks like it meets almost all my requirements but I got the feeling of not clear future for this product. I cannot migrate to X2 if the product has no (clear) future. Could X2 representative comment on the concerns raised above? Thank you Radek
  9. Hi I am looking for CRM and I do like X2CRM but I would like to know if there is a way (the best to be if automatic) how to push X2CRM contacts to my gmail or gSuite contacts Thank you Radek
  10. hi Raymond is it possible in current release to have contact sync to Google contacts automatically? Thank you Radek
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