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  1. Ahh, thanks for the quick response! I was able to use them in my existing workflow once I exported it from the previous version into 6.9.3, at least ;-)
  2. Has X2CRM removed the process-related Flow Actions with the latest 6.9.3 update? There were Flow Actions for 'Start process Stage, 'Complete Process Stage' and 'Revert process Stage' available in Worflow Design that do not appear in 6.9.3. Any ideas?
  3. Hmm, yeah haven't experienced that. Sounds like it might be a localized browser/security issue on the machine you are accessing X2CRM from. I would say try from another machine's browser and see if it does the same thing(?)
  4. Hmm, Are you going to the Admin tab, then Data Import and Export Utilities, then Export Records? This should let you select what you want to export, and then it generates a CSV (comma separated values) file that can be downloaded from the link it generates, and accessed in Excel, Notepad, etcetera, and/or imported back in to X2CRM. You can also choose Export All Data and uncheck/check the items you want to export as well...
  5. Hi, I am trying to create a Workflow that completes a stage in a custom process. I have a Process for Sales Cycle that indicates the stage of a Sale for a Lead: I wanted to create a Workflow that will complete the Process Stage: Close when a Leads Sales Stage is updated to Lost. However, when I update the record, the trigger fails with the message following the Workflow steps below: I have tried the Workflow both with the Start Process Stage step (as i see no other way for the Complete Process Stage to know what stage it refers to) and get the error below: Does anyone know how I w
  6. Yes, I asked a similar question, and would love to see a response! ;-)
  7. Hello, I am new to X2Engine, and am trying to create a Workflow that will send a POST request to an external API to update its Contact record based on the X2CRM Contact record. I have configured the Remote API Call to match what works just fine in a browser and in both Postman and SoapUI (Software to test APIs and Web Services). It appears that the calls are getting to the external API Web Service, but the POST does not process and I am at a loss. Is there any way to view the responses that are sent back to X2Engine from a Remote API? Also, since the GET method is available, how does X2Engi
  8. Thanks so much for the reply! We are trying that as well, but are still muddling through exactly how to refer to the field(s) when setting up the Workflow. I am digging through the X2Workflow In-Depth User Manual to try to move forward. So if my Workflow is triggered by Record Created, with Record Type: Opportunities, and Attribute Account is Empty, then I add Update Record task. It is here that I have had no success. I select Account from the drop down under Update fields on associated record, but am unsure was to what to put in the box next to Account to properly update the Account field i
  9. Hi, I am new to X2CRM and X2Workflow. I am trying to find out if it is possible to, and if so, how to, update the Account for an Opportunity based on the Contact saved for an Opportunity. For example, if I create a new Opportunity, and select a Contact, I would like the Account field for the Opportunity to automatically populate if said Contact is tied to an Account. I have tried a number of things in the X2Workflow configuration, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks!
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