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  1. Hi, When I upload my own logo and try to connect to our CRM via the X2Touch Mobile, our logo gets stretched. How can I prevent this? Thanks in advance, Seb.
  2. Thank you. Which class(es) should I use to specify the font for all text? And which class for the top menu font color?
  3. Guys, I've been trying to use the Antivirus scanning utility. I installed ClamAV and can run a scan via cpanel. However, when I enable "Scan uploads" in X2CRM, when I try uploading a logo for example I get the error: Error Code: 500 Error Message: Unable to perform anti virus scan; the "clamscan" utility is not available on this system. Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] X2Engine Version: 6.9 PHP Version: 5.6.31 Any ideas?
  4. Hi guys, I have quite limited knowledge of CSS. I've been trying to change the font and the weight of the font of the interface so it fits our corporate identity: I'd like to change the font to Lato and to not have shadow or bold on the top menu text. Also, I'd like to change the color font of the top menu to white. What should I type in the Global CSS editor?
  5. Oh yes of course, I have seen and tried that already. I was more looking for a knowledge base accessible by our customers, so we can post tutorials / help sections when needed. Our goal on the long term is to have a customer portal where they can require support from us but can also check FAQs and tutorials before that. Ideally protected by password as our data doesn't have to be public.
  6. Hi guys, How about adding a knowledge base module? I'm looking for a ticketing system for our service team and I'm missing that with X2CRM.
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