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  1. Hi cimenta, If you can share your server specs, I may be able to help you with that.
  2. Hi mrqsick, Can't see any screenshots. Can you share your error stack trace as well?
  3. The appearance of default 'Assigned To' fields can only be changed through source code customization. The assigned to fields are embedded in views through dynamic code and therefore, need to be manipulated through custom code. However, you can customize Custom Fields from the studio with out needing any source code changes. The appearance of fields(CSS) can be changed for both these types of fields however. And yes, if you try to swap the default behavior without complete customization, it will break the view/not display the values correctly(as in your case above).
  4. Hi All, As a help to fix this issue, see this youtube video...
  5. As mentioned by X2Isaiah, the CSS code is located in themes directory. @RoisWufe To change fields, you might need to customize the Views or use the Customization Studio(depending on the type of fields you are working with). Are you working with custom fields or the default ones?
  6. @Jaguar9 Does the green text appears in the downloaded file(when you open it)? Or does it appear with in the browser screen after you click to download the file?
  7. Hi Eric, It is sad to see you are having trouble using X2CRM. However, if you can try clearing your tokens from database, it should work fine. On another note, we are using and developing with X2CRM for a year now. Our clientele is happy with the feature set provided by X2 and with the release of 6.9, it is getting better every day. Anytime, you can reach out to community for help or PM me in case you need any assistance. Regards, Asad Ali
  8. Hi PublishItNow, I had the same issue that you guys are describing and for me the root cause was multiple tokens saved in database. So, whenever I tried to access the CRM without entering any passwords, the login was successful. You will need to clear those redundant records and then try again.
  9. Hi EricCRM, The inconsistency of inbound emails might be a configuration issue. However, if you are using your hosting server with built in support for emailing, actually the emails are sent from hosting server. That is why any emails you will receive from X2CRM will contain 'via' as your hosting server's address. I shall be able to help if you can share a screenshot of your configurations?
  10. Hi rayd, I was not able to reply back as I was busy elsewhere. I see you have solved your problem in another thread. For future reference, the solution to this problem can be found here: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3406-lookup-problems/ Thanks.
  11. Hi EricCRM, This might be because you have your notifications turned on. So, you are receiving emails every time. In order to setup email inboxes with your secure server credentials, you will need to fetch the email config from InmotionWebHosting and update it in X2CRM. When you click Verify Credentials, it should be able to connect with your mail server. Please let us know if you face any issues.
  12. Hi All, KB within X2CRM will be a nice feature to have. As a temporary solution, let me share how we have implemented it right now: We have a separate password protected KB and we have added a Top Bar Link which redirects our users to the knowledge base. Right now, we are using the API for authentication purposes. However, we are also working on an SSO (Single Sign On) solution so that knowledge base can be accessed without any hassle. Hope this helps future visitors.
  13. Hi sebx, It looks like clamscan is not installed on your server. The Stack Trace that you have attached takes me to a login screen. If you can share the Stack Trace, I can look into the reason behind this. Thanks.
  14. Hi sebx, There are different classes that will need to be modified for font changes. However, the top menu font color can be updated from 'Preferences' through X2CRM UI. Do you want to change the fonts throughout the system or in some specific panels?
  15. Hi sebx, This might be due to the low-resolution or in appropriate height and width of the logo images that you are using. You will need to upload a logo with proper width and height so that it does not stretch on mobile screens. If you need further help on this, please let me know.
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