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  1. Please guide me, I want to show a negative amount such as Loss Amount with Currency attribute but when i input it does not take the -ve figure... please help
  2. No help from any friend ?? Please Help
  3. Hello, I am facing an issue that when i am using my user ID which is ADMIN it shows CHARTS AND REPORTS MODULES on the top bar but as i login with any NON ADMIN ID both CHARTS and REPORTS MODULES Disappears... i am unable to resolve it and figure it out. need help as I want them to generate reports as per their requirements but dont want to give access to ADMIN. Thanks Sunain
  4. Dear friends, I have done a big mistake by trying to change the foot logo of the x2crm by changing the filename of the log from the file, as i thought it is an opensource application so changed it, but when it was changed it disabled all the links to navigate within the application and a dialog box appears to " PLEASE PUT THE LOGO BACK". I put the logo back but it is still show the my changed logo. Due to this i am unable to use the software and neither access the data, I am Stuck. PLEASE HELP...
  5. thank you x2Isaiah, i want a difference between two dates is there any way for that ??
  6. I am facing the same issue which my X2CRM
  7. Hello, I am new to X2CRM. Presently using X2CRM 6.9. I have come accross a requirement to shift a record from one module to another (for instance, Leads to Accounts) which will deleted the record from previous module i.e. Leads and create the same record in the Accounts module when I click some trigger or button etc. It is possible to do that. Thanks alot
  8. Dear Friends, I need a list of formulas or any link such as for system time it is =time() to use in X2flows and processes. Its bit Urgent. Thank you. Sunain Qamar
  9. Thanks alot for your reply. Acutally i am not changing the schema of the application, I just want to lookup the data present in the 3rd or 4th field of the linking table. Please guide, it is bit urgent. Thanks again. Regards, Sunain Qamar
  10. Hello, Please help me with the relationships between tables. I want have made relationship b/w ACCOUNTS and CONTACTS module with the help of lookup field type but it takes only the first column of the CONTACTS table (i.e. Name of Contact), however I want to link the 4th column (i.e., Address) of the CONTACT Table to ACCOUNTS table. Please help me how to do that in X2CRM. Thanks alot. Regards Sunain Qamar
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