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  1. Hi Community, Here an update of my progress with this topic about document merge After deep searching the forum and other sources like X2crm videos and the help guide i conclude that there is no possibility to mail merge data to printable documents. Merging data with e-mails is possible and that works realy good. When sellecting an [attribute] you immediatly see the result. With our former crm that was not the case. You only saw the attribute/variable and only could see the result after sending the mail. But that aside. We do have to match data with printable documents. The only way i co
  2. Reading back the previous post i noticed an error. The field to look for is: <type> The info to fill in is: call (not calls as i mentioned before) quotestimeemailnoteevent depending which you want to match. When matching with contacts: Use the fields:associationTypeassociationName Grand,The Netherlands
  3. Hi Community, Hereby an update of my progress with exploring X2CRM (v6.9 by this time). As mentioned in the previous post is want to import Call Logs from a former CRM to X2CRM. After diving deep into the export csv which i exported in my X2CRM installation, i noticed that there was a field which indicates the type of action. The field Action Type. When the field Action Type contains: calls you have the indicator that put the information you import to the publisher as a Log Call. So when you make you import csv for call-logs, make an extra field with the name: Action Type. When mappi
  4. Hi Think, Maybe this helps you. At first i could not notice any visible result when creating an event item. Than i (finally) noticed that to see an event you create, you have to go to: Calender In the left column, you must see some user Calenders with the possibilty to show / not show these bij marking one or more calenders. Hope this helps. Grand
  5. Hi Community, In X2crm it is possible to make in Docs a template for e-mail with dynamic variables such as {firstName}, {lastName} or {phone} in the template. But how about merging a physical document for printing with dynamic variables ? I have noticed that this is possible with quotes and invoices and als whem making campaings there is the possibilty to use variables. Searching this form i saw topics dated 2013 where is mentioned that document merge is not (yet) possible. Is there any change or experience in the community now how to merge document or make doc. templates? Can any
  6. Hi Community, I'm migrating from Zoho CRM to x2crm. The export and import of Accounts and Contact went well. How to import Publisher data? Now i want to import the extra contact-information in the so called: Publisher The data visible at contacts about: Log call, Log time, Action, Calender Events and Products. I do have found and tried the import function for: Actions but that is not sufficient because it does not import the 278 Call Logs that i want to connect to the Contacts. Can you help me where to look or what to do to import Call Logs ? I'm looking forward for your response and
  7. Hi you all, I just started with x2 and was looking and searching for how to Add Products (using x2crm community version 6.6) I could not find the menu item Product but finaly found this post. So to help future searchers. If you want to add products or to add a product you have to: - login as Administrator - in the top menu go to Admin to enter Administration Tools - In Administration Tools go to User Itnerface Settings - In User Interface Settings look for Manage Menu Items - In Manage Menu Items you will have the choice to: Add Products but also all the other menu-items including your o
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