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  1. Hi E, No, nothing that was suggested by the X2 staffers worked, I will call you ...
  2. the easiest way is to is to truncate (empty) the X2_Products table... Which will DELETE all Products in that table ..... not sure if thats what you want to do but it is easier and quicker, with tools like Phpmyadmin one truncate the whole table or one can sort and select many entries and delete in batches ......
  3. You'er welcome, unfortunately the founder developers have moved on, John was fastidious when it came to documentation and version releases upto ver 6.3, the current guys not so much.
  4. 8. Emails received. Contacts module - Email widget Emails replied to by a contact are recorded as as Sent By me/x2user.and not the contact
  5. If you have installed 6.9 from sourceforge then downgrade to PHP5.6 once upgraded to X2crm7.1 then PHP 7x is supported.
  6. 4. Login Screen Sign in with Google - the "Login to Google" button does not appear anymore - possibly due to the Google+ API that has been suspended 5. Workflow Add to + Delete From lists - autofill not working Fixed see Jacks code for an interim solution if you cant wait for the official release (http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3823-fix-for-add-to-list-and-remove-from-list/?do=findComment&comment=15633), I believe X2Jack is working on this "Update Related Records" option The above is a useful option when needing to update related record, in my case to create tags to populat
  7. 1) Open Workflow, select trigger "Campaign Emails opened" 2) select previous Campaign name you used, The difficulty from here is that the Add to and Delete from list does not work in 7.0 & 7.1 so you might want to 3) add a edit a tag stage - add - #mailopened which will then be sortable in gridview on that tag name, once selected, you can then do a mass action 4) more... new list from selected
  8. Take the trouble to read up on X2crm ver 7.1 and support for PHP 7+ before making incorrect statements -
  9. Hi Try the following Administrators75 postsPosted 28 January 2019 - 07:47 PM This appears to be caused by a null variable ($hiddenTags) within protected/components/TagCloud.php. We will provide a hotfix patch this week. You can also replace: if(count($hiddenTags)>0){ $tagParams = AuxLib::bindArray ($hiddenTags); $params = array_merge ($params, $tagParams); $str1=" AND tag NOT IN (".implode (',', array_keys ($tagParams)).")"; }else{ $str1=""; }to: if(!is_null($hiddenTags) && count($hiddenTags)>0){ $tagParams = AuxLib::bindArray ($hiddenTags); $params = array_merge ($params
  10. Hi Clifton, I relooked the dynamic tag generation with fresh eyes, thanks to you, and saw the error of my ways I was using "= {firstName}" syntax, silly me. Ok now that's working, It creates a tag in my custom module (Tenant) where the trigger field sits but not in the Account/Company or Contacts module where the static dynamic contact lists are generated, Iv'e tried all the available options to no avail. - I noticed that in custom modules Gridview "mass actions" there is no option to "Add to selected list....." On the mailing list: I Create a conditional workflow and use the Ad
  11. I stand to be corrected but in some/most cases, e.g. workflows, one has to f5 to refresh the screen and onscreen data will will be updated
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