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  1. Hello Bapf, The fingerprint is created for an anonymous contact via the web tracker whenever someone visits your public-facing site (when the web tracker JS is included on the site). Once the anonymous contact fills in a webform or otherwise uses the weblead api, a contact is created and the anonymous contact is merged with the newly created contact record. If you are able to get a user's info from outside the web forms then I would suggest using the web lead api in order to create a new contact with that fingerprint. There technically is no api function to do the merging however the web lea
  2. Hello All, We have noticed that there are a few area in which the mass actions are limited or non-existent. We will be expanding our list functionality before the end of the year.
  3. Hello All, We are currently working on the formal roadmap for the product moving forward. We will post a text copy of the roadmap on this forum as well as utilize the Github 'Milestones' feature to convey the upcoming changes.
  4. Hello All, Thank you for the feedback! We will be releasing a hotfix sometime next week in order to address the 'maxFileSize' issue (thank you Atilla for providing a workaround/fix) as well as the email UI bugs. The name change from 'Accounts' to 'Company' was added in order to add a proper conversion from a 'Contact' record to an 'Account' record and vice-versa. This change was in the attribute label only so the workflows using the field should still work. However we will address this issue in the hotfix as well in order to keep custom workflows compatible with the changes. We are curre
  5. Hello Atilla, Are the fields you are using for the dynamic variables link fields (i.e. associatedContacts, accountName etc)?
  6. Hello alt_f4, You should be able to add the following to the 'protected/components/x2flow/actions/X2FlowAction.php' file: Before: private static $anyModelActions = array( "Remote API Call", "Create Action", "Send SMS", "Wait", "Push Web Content", "Post to Activity Feed", "Create Notification", "Email" ); After: private static $anyModelActions = array( "Remote API Call", "Create Action", "Send SMS", "Wait", "Push Web Content", "Post to Activity Feed", "Create Notification", "Email", "Complete Process Stage", "Revert Process Stage", "Star
  7. Hey Guys, It appears that this may be a browser issue, we are looking at a few different ways to prevent the auto-fill for unnecessary fields. I will bump this thread with updates as soon as we come to a conclusion.
  8. Hello PublishItNow, Regarding this feature request, would you choose a specific stage for the mass updates or rather increment/decrement the stage?
  9. Hello bigbankclub, Regarding the sample data error (from the original post), it appears that some of the sample data may be malformed. Particularly the line beginning with: "INSERT INTO `x2_trigger_logs`..." Please remove this line (and one of the delimiters: /*&*/) from protected/data/dummy_data.sql. This should fix this issue for now. We will be releasing a permanent fix to this in the next release.
  10. Hello NSSJohn, For a few triggers we 'pruned' a few of the actions which we thought didn't make sense. We were a bit zealous with this pruning and will be adding them back in for the next release. These actions include all of the process actions.
  11. Do not just change the extension from .php to .js as there is php code that needs to be evaluated. A better solution is to go into the web tracker setup and click the 'export' button, this will create the javascript file with the php code already evaluated. Anonymous contacts will be tracked upon visiting the page with the web tracker script, a fingerprint should be created for them at this time. Make sure that the webTracker.php script is reachable from the Wordpress site, this can be done using the 'curl' command on the machine where the Wordpress site is hosted.
  12. When you first installed did you click the 'test connection' button on the install page to make sure that the credentials were correct? Also, try refreshing the 'CDbConnection' error page. Also, make sure that the configuration in protected/config/X2Config.php is correct, try connecting to the database with the parameters used in that file (you should be able to use the mysql cli or even phpMyAdmin).
  13. Interesting, are these custom dropdown fields? If so, what are their values? Can you also send me a screenshot of your browser javascript console log (I would like to see if there are any javascript errors)?
  14. Wllmdodge is correct, the .htaccess rules will automatically redirect any requests to index.php which will cause the login screen to pop-up. When you comment out these rules, certbot should be able to then request the verification file specifically. Alternatively, you can rename the file to .htaccess.bak then rename it after the certbot does its thing.
  15. Sounds good! We will be updating our documentation to explain to pros/cons of using the web tracking php code rather than javascript.
  16. We were able to reproduce this issue and it looks to be caused by an addition to the ChangeLogBehavior.php file. We will be releasing a bugfix tommorow however in the meantime please replace protected/components/behaviors/ChangeLogBehavior.php with the version found here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/X2Engine/X2CRM/master/x2engine/protected/components/behaviors/ChangeLogBehavior.php
  17. Hello alt_f4, This fell off our list of priorities over the last year or so however we are still interested in bringing it back. Are there any features you would be interested in seeing for the refactor of the translation manager?
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Hello Brandi, This seems to be a bug in version 6.9.1. We will be releasing a bugfix before Tuesday. Please refer to this topic for a temporary workaround: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3509-send-emails-stopped-working-after-691-upgrade/?do=findComment&comment=14492
  21. In the meantime, please replace your old copy of protected/components/behaviors/EmailDeliveryBehavior.php with the version located here: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2CRM/blob/master/x2engine/protected/components/behaviors/EmailDeliveryBehavior.php
  22. Hello Alt_f4, I am assuming you took the generated JS code and put it in a file called webTracker.js locally as there could be issues if the php code was not evaluated first. If you are concerned with speed, I would recommend exporting the webTracker javascript and embedding it into the page as you have done (there is an 'Export' button on the web tracker setup page). We supply the HTML tag for ease of use as some users may not have the know-how to be able to embed the javascript otherwise. I think part of the speedup may come from browser caching, the browser may pick up on the .js in t
  23. Hello All, This appears to be a bug in the EmailDeliveryBehavior.php file, we will be releasing a bugfix before Tuesday of next week.
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