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  1. Yes.. the query IS working on the Contacts module.. and filters down to only items that have 'interested'. It is a multiple select field.. so when I build the dynamic list it is showing the multiple-select field.. and I select 'in list' and only 'interested' is does not work. I do find a single choice pick-list type does work.. even though it 'looks/acts' like a multiple select list in the dynamic list builder. Does not create Dynamic List... Multiple-Choice Type: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbw577fit6y55j9/Screenshot%202017-08-08%2017.33.02.png?dl=0 Does create Dynamic List... Single-Choi
  2. I'm attempting to create a Dynamic List.. Based on Contacts who have a single variable existing within a drop-down field. It's not working. FWIW. The Lead Status field is a multiple value, drop-down field.. I'd like to create a dynamic contact list with the option of 'interested' selected. I've gone to Lists.. And selected AND Attribute = Lead Status ; Comparison = in list ; Value = Interested (is the only value selected). I have set the field to be searchable.. Yet I'm not really sure if that field 'IS' being indexed. In the meantime on the Contacts tab, there ARE 45 contacts that
  3. I noticed an entry in the last 6.6 version that suggests there is now an auto merge of duplicate contact info. My recent tests indicate it is NOT auto-merging contacts, and that multiple web leads with simply firstName + lastName + email results in multiple entries. With that said.. I do notice the X2Identity duplicate detection toggle (based on fingerprint). Do I HAVE to turn this ON, in order to activate auto merge functionality? Because the data is exactly the same and is creating duplicates. Turning this ON seems like overkill. My desired functionality is to auto merge duplicate cont
  4. I've now imported a long list of contacts that are based on containing several tags in each.. This is a powerful feature. However, I've sent messaged to all those in my DB with a certain TAG. Now, I need to filter them out, so I can send to the 'other half' of contacts. Set on my Contacts Page with a long list, I'm determined find all contacts that DO NOT CONTAIN a certain tag. I see there is NOT Equal To.. Doesn't appear to work. Also, Lists do not provide for a NOT choice on Tags. Any ideas?
  5. One more query if anyone's looking.. Any chance I can apply a 'Label' to the relationship (now it's working), via the API?
  6. Finally working! YEA! Thank you.. It appears the Contacts module likes to be the firstType.. and with the wait of 30 secs added.. All good! Posted a screenshot for example of success.
  7. I'm pretty convinced this just won't happen. I've tested the teapot and received 'I'm a teapot'.. Still failing though: June 7, 2017, 9:03:59 AM Trigger: New Web Lead (Success: View record: Test4 Tester4)Remote API Call (Failure: Remote API call failed!) 1. Is there any way to get more details on this error?2. Should I be adding http:// to the URL call?3. Here's the URL I'm using: http://higher.url/x2crm/index.php/api2/relationships Please see attached file for current (failing) config. [edit] Adding this from the api.log: [422 Unprocessable Entity]
  8. Mods to above earlier image attachment.. I've now tested 'localhost' and switched up my header.. to include Basic (somewhere?) and still failing.
  9. Here's my take on your example.. Still failing: June 6, 2017, 3:34:41 PMTrigger: New Web Lead (Success: View record: Tester Fiftythree)Remote API Call (Failure: Remote API call failed!)
  10. Thanks! A couple questions for clarification. 1. So if I call the API using an URL from above the X2CRM directory I won't need to edit any files? 2. In the screenshot example (which is very helpful.. Thanks).. The firstType and secondType are both Contacts.. If I am posting the relationship (ID) originating from the WebLead (Contacts)..to a record in the custom Courses Module. Then, wouldn't the firstType be Courses? 3. In the screenshot also, re: Header.. Where would I post the username/password.. It's not shown.. Would I replace your BASIC BASE64-Encoded with my Encoded string and leave
  11. Do I need to add a header with username and userKey.. Do I need to include a fully qualified URL or start with index.php The APi documentation simply states: Yet there are no examples. Is this NOT possible to use the Remote API to post relationship creds to another module? If not, perhaps someone can let me know.
  12. I'm trying to post results of a Web Lead to Contacts (of course), which is successful. I'm also adding a Workflow based on a trigger of a custom tag to post a new relationship.. i.e. the contact details to a custom module called 'Courses'. I think I can do this via Posting the relationship to the other module using the Remote API.. If I call the Course module with index.php/courses/1/relationships/ Which attributes to I need to add to secure that the contact details are added to the #1 Course, and how are they formatted in the bottom section of the Remote API Call? Do I need Jason? I'm
  13. Sorry if this has been asked before.. I tried searching.. Is there a way to SAVE A VIEW I've created/modified, so that when you return all columns that are chosen in last session remain visible? Am I missing a setting or something? Cause all customization to views disappears when I leave and return to the same view. Even better.. to have the option of a dynamic search remain sticky as well. I notice the favorites only selects single records.
  14. Finally working.. My server host had to fiddle with modsecurity, and it eased up issues and all is working perfectly! Thank you Raymond!
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