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  1. Hi Jack, thanks for the response. I noticed a wrong syntax in the trigger above. For a proper inventory deduction following trigger works perfectly. (this is very raw and straight forward as it does not have any conditional checks whatsoever, like it does not check anything e.g. if the invoice/quote is paid etc.) CREATE TRIGGER `Stock Update`AFTER INSERT ON `x2_quotes_products`FOR EACH ROWBEGINUPDATE x2_productsSET inventory=(inventory-NEW.quantity)WHERE id=NEW.productID;END
  2. Hey guys, Who'd be more familiar to how do SQL triggers communicate with an X2CRM, could you comment or share an idea why MySQL trigger below which supposedly should update an inventory level after insert returns a following message: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'x2_quotes_products.quantity' in 'field list' CREATE TRIGGER `INVENTORY UPDATE`AFTER INSERT ON `x2_quotes_products`FOR EACH ROW UPDATE x2_productsSET x2_products.inventory=x2_products.inventory x2_quotes_products.quantityWHERE x2_quotes_products.quoteId=x2_quot
  3. Thanks a lot alt_f4 - upgraded successfully
  4. Hi, Upgrade gives a following error: Exception: "CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away" in /x2system/framework/db/CDbCommand.php L543 I've tried to increase max_allowed_packet to 1GB and timeout settings to maximum possible. Error still persists. What else can be done here? Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. Hi Guys, I'm running quite uncomplicated procedure of Quote's verification, fields calculation and status updates, where in case if all required attribute requirements are met the quote has to close automatically and create a record in another custom module in my case: Quote (Status: closed) -> Create "Payment" in a custom module. However when I add the Create record step in the end of the flow AND specify the module where to create a new record - all attributes and everything in previous steps disappear, any attribute that have been under Condition Check and attributes how the system m
  6. Hi guys, Can anybody tell why and how to correct the problem with the display of negative amounts in X2 display view? We are importing accounting balances from an external accounting system with credit/debit/balance amounts, where negative amounts are expected for sure but in list view, they are being displayed in brackets. Entry View (the field in edit mode displays the correct way) List view displays in brackets Is there a method to change that? In which system file that could potentially be done? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hey guys, I am setting up automatic record creation trigger based on periodic trigger. The idea is to create create record at predefined time in periodic trigger, then create record in specified module, and begin 1st stage of the process + notification,. Although process is completely fine and set up as default for the module where the record is being created by periodic trigger system does not invoke 1st stage of the process. Error log shows up: ___________________________________________________________________ April 27, 2018, 5:13:26 PM Trigger: Periodic Trigger (Success)Create Record (Succ
  8. I don't really get what you're about to add as subpanel - could you explain a bit more detailed?
  9. Upon the X2 upgrade there was a problem identified that when you are setting up a new workflow triggered by a periodic trigger it does not offer a function which creates a new record in various modules. See the screenshot. Is this feature removed and no entry creations will be possible using periodic trigger?
  10. Go to Admin -> User Interface Settings -> Manage Menu items, there you'll be able to add and rearrange menu items as you wish.
  11. Hi community, Does anyone know how could I fix the bug in workflow list view, When I'm on workflow list I try to sort them by their activity status either Yes or No, but every time I enter Yes value it returns only inactive workflows, although should show up only active workflow entries. No sorting criteria Using Yes criteria.
  12. Check your cron table, I had 2 cron commands which were triggering different system actions in double.
  13. as I understand contact record has to be updated with the same value as in the account record field a_date? please try to use custom attribute ={associatedContacts.c_date}, did I get it right AvdD?
  14. Hey Isaiah, Here's analysis. I removed link attribute and replaced with {createDate}. After workflow run it created trigger log but the issue with it's open-up still persists. If in case with {link} e-mail just failed, then in case with {createDate} it sends but here's how it looks in the email itself: So the system does not return date form this shortcode. Tried to use also {timestamp} shortcode. In the result after a trigger run problem with trigger log open-up still persists. But the value in e-mail output is following (I guess this type of date is being used in SQL):
  15. Hi Isaiah, Thank you for advise. Here's analysis: I removed completely all trigger logs form the database and here's what I get when {link} used in the email body: And this is what happens in console when I try to open up Trigger log: AND Here's what I get in DB when I remove {link} attribute from the body: Finally here's what console represents: no errors and log opens up. So I guess this is either software bug or this functionality, to include attributes in the email body if the workflow is triggered by a periodic trigger, is just missing in X2Engine.
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