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  1. Hi, A very minor request I'm not sure if it's available already. The Process widget permits admin to select start and end color choices. It would be great if it also allowed text color choices. Thanks, PHNX
  2. Hi, Not sure whether this should be a bug report or something else. The below malfunctions may just be a javascripting problem on my instance so I'm listing them in one question. I've tested on a couple browsers with same experience. A few days ago some of my instance's features became unresponsive unless I refresh the page or they're just altogether unresponsive. 1) In my Contacts and other customized modules, the columns dropdown menu selector does not autohide, even after toggling it or clicking away. Only clicking the "Clear Filters" button or refreshing the page hides the dropdow
  3. Hi Raymond, Just a quick follow up: Can a calculated field reference the results of another calculated field in the same form / module? I used a formula to calculate the profitability of a customer. Let's say {Revenues} is manually entered per record and {Expenses} equals "{Hours_Worked}*{Price}"; these fields work fine. When I attempt to calculate a second field dependent on {Expenses}, say "{Revenues}-{Expenses}", only the manually entered {Revenues} results. Is this normal or a workaround? Thanks, PHNX
  4. Hi there, I've configured Google Maps, Calendar and Mail with X2CRM. Everything works fine as long as my GMail is set to accept "less secure apps." The app otherwise returns IMAP authentication errors. Another user on this forum referred to this setting to resolve email configs. I'm looking to confirm whether this setting is still required to integrate X2CRM and GMail. If it matters, my app is using a shared SSL certificate. Thanks, PHNX
  5. Hello, The Contacts model seems centered on the name fields (First Name, Last Name). I'm looking to change the focus to another field, i.e. make another field required instead of the Names fields and have that alternate field appear atop where the Full Name is now displayed. Is this possible? Thanks, PHNX
  6. Hi, I've been trying to determine whether X2CRM supports calculated fields. It appears it does since the "Probability" field in one module is used for certain calculations. Is there a way to create a calculated field and add it to a form and / or to a report? Thanks, PHNX
  7. Hi Raymond, Got it! Thanks for clarifying that. Guess we can consolidate records from custom modules to the standard Contacts module. Is there intention to soon feature Google Maps with custom modules? Many thanks, PHNX
  8. Hi Raymond, Thanks for the reply and helpful suggestion. I was able to see the widget for a test user I added to the Contacts module. Thanks! I'd created new modules with addresses (one demo user with same address as the Contacts test user) and am unable to view the maps widget or edit the layout to display the map in List or Journal views. Please let me know if there's any setting I've missed in setting up the modules or elsewhere. Thanks, PHNX
  9. I'm looking to enable the Google Maps widget. Per instructions here, my "main.php" file already appears to enable maps under the "registeredWidgets" array ('GoogleMaps'). Whether in List or Journal views or on the dashboard page, no page seems to have an option to display Google Maps though (I believe) I've created necessary API access. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, PHNX
  10. New topic, Google Maps Widget, replaced this message.
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