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  1. Okay findings are as follows... Config (in this sequence of steps as sequence change will have an impact on results): - Created a custom module called Unit with one extra field called Registration Number - Created a group called Sales - Created a role called Sales - Assigned Sales group to the Sales role and added all fields for Accounts and Leads for both viewing and editing - Deselected everything in the Default role's access and permissions settings - Deselected everything in the Sales role's access and permissions settings except for Accounts (view + create) and Leads (admin) - Created a
  2. Hi Raymond, Okay, found the Default role and the answer is that it definitely has an impact. Let me understand the model then - Default overrides everything? So this goes against normal expectations as one would assume that any additional roles added to the baseline would build on top of it and not be superseded by it. Well I suppose that is true depending on the perspective of why the default role is there in the first place... to lock things down or to open things up. If its a lock down (as per your explanation), then out-of-the-box the Default should have nothing enabled (except if you ar
  3. Hi Raymond, Default role? Aaah, I will check it out and report back... As I indicated in an earlier post - this is a newly spun up test environment that I configured to use as a quick test lab environment. Platform is Debian 8.7, mysql 5.5.54, PHP 5.6.30 and Apache 2.4.10 (Turnkey LAMP 14.1 with updates) installed with X2CRM 6.5.2 on top. So all of my above observations are based on that. - User Management > Manage Roles: No roles defined at all - User Management > Groups: No groups defined at all - User Management > Manage Users: Single user (admin) Werner
  4. Hi Raymond, Okay, I resolved some of those points in the meantime. - I found the option to designate a particular role as an admin role. You have to go to Edit User Permissions and Access Rules section (EUPAR) after initially creating the role in the Manage Roles section (MR). So this one is all good. - I also saw that you could fine-tune permissions and access a lot more under EUPAR, but it doesn't seem like its being applied correctly... ...as an example I selected the same role as previously created and looked at its settings in EUPAR. Nothing was selected even though I had assign
  5. Hi Raymond, Sorry about that, it was me being stupid . Once you drill down into a specific workflow the export option does appear on the left. I was looking at the workflows list instead and there was only an import there (which makes perfect sense). Thanks. Werner
  6. Hi Raymond, That's the funny thing... with a fresh install it seemed like you guys were following a philosophy of open security. In other words, there were no roles or groups predefined and any new user that you created automatically had access to everything (well everything except the Reports and Charts modules). I then started playing around a little with your security model to lock things down a bit and created a couple of groups with users assigned, and then a role with a group assigned to it in turn. Up to this point everything was working as expected and you were following a standard p
  7. Hi, Some of the modules (Reports & Charts) are only visible to the admin user and nobody else? Is that by design, or can these be enabled somewhere for other user groups as well? Thanks. Werner
  8. Hi, When working with the Workflow tools in the Admin section, there is an option to import workflows that have been created and export from X2Workflow Design Studio. How/where can one get access to this Design Studio, as there is no link to it from the Admin interface? Alternatively, how would one export a workflow that was created directly inside of X2? There are import links but no export links? Werner
  9. Hi Raymond, Thanks for the confirmation and clarification, much appreciated Also thank you for a well put together and fantastic product! Werner
  10. Hi, When following the installation instructions on the website it states that once you have successfully installed x2CRM, then you can upgrade seamlessly to the Professional Edition. I also saw in some of the other forum threads mention was made of the Platinum Edition. My question is - nowhere on the website (well, at least not that I can find ) do I see anything detailing the fact that there are multiple editions and what the differences between those editions are? It also doesn't indicate how much each of those editions cost and how they differ from the Open Source Edition? If somebody
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