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  1. For anybody who finds this, I managed to resolve my issue by doing something completely random on the server. I actually changed the way PHP calls the routing and it all just started working.
  2. I am trying to develop a WordPress plugin to help with creating Contact and account sign up forms using X2CRM. However, I seem to stumbling at the first hurdle. I want to make use of the API I have read the documentation here http://wiki.x2crm.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference and have followed it and double checked I have everything as expected. I have created an API User account, assigned it an Admin role, and have ensured it is Active and has a Valid API Key. However, when I browse to https://somedomain.com/index.php/api2/Contacts I get the Username and Password box prompt.
  3. We have managed to resolve this after quite some digging. It turns out that the issue stemed from a security issue with CPANEL, in a specific version that they hosting company had installed. Once the hosting company upgraded the version of CPANEL the issue went away.
  4. Just thought I would add. That this situation seems to be intermittent. Some days it works others it stops working, and I have checked the logs and generally there are no errors logged so it is difficult to actually work this out.
  5. I have a similar themed question, however I feel it may come down to Authentication issue. I am trying to develop WordPress integration plugin, which makes use of the API2. However, I am unable to actually connect to the API. I have read the documentation and Created an API user, and have assigned it sufficient privileges, as defined in the Documentation https://wiki.x2crm.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference . The issue seems to be that I am unable to connect to API via Postman or Direct Browser. In order to test out I thought I would attempt to access the most basic call first which I assume
  6. We are getting this problem again. It's quite annoying and happens for no rhyme or reason. Some background, we decided to leave this functionality mainly because we thought we wait to upgrade the X2CRM, thinking that the issue may be in the version we had. We are now using 6.93. But the problem has simply resurfaced. In order to test this completely. What we did was export all our old data. Then we completely uninstalled the application completely removing any old files etc. We then installed the new version completely fresh on the server. However, the same problem re-occurs. We c
  7. Raymond, Thanks for getting back to me. However, we did immediately check those condiftions, We are only sending 600 emails in 200 email batches. We have a dedicated IP on our server. We have tried to debug, stepping through however X2CRM just won't connect. However, when I tried write my own email sender using the same credentials from the server I am able to connect and send the emails via MailJet.
  8. We managed to over come this issue for a couple of days. However it has now returned and we are still unable to find a solution. Has anyone experienced similar issues?
  9. Hi, I have an interesting situation that has occurred literally over night which I am unable to resolve. We regularly run Email campaigns using MailJet and MailGun via the connectors in X2CRM. On monday we were able to send a campaign and it worked great. The API Username nad Passowrd combination were left unchanged. On Tuesday we went to send another campaign but were unable too. The campaign would just pause during sending emails. When we examined the mailjet connector credentials within the Manage Apps section, we noticed that Password credentials were empty. We tried to add the
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