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  1. As the tittle stated. I expect the new version or hot fix for x2crm. It is over almost a year there is no any news of update, that is so bad for an opensource project.
  2. maybe chrome auto-fill issue?
  3. not use it too much. But I think u are right. only can view its case no. need click again to review the subject. But unfortunately cannot revise the list interface in admin panel.
  4. but where is ur screenshot? I have not met this kinds of issue yet.
  5. u guys may kidding me. plz check my attachment. That is an careless wrong translation?
  6. u guys may kidding me. plz check my attachment. That is an careless wrong translation?
  7. {"message":"Inline email model missing from the request to the server.","error":true,"status":200}
  8. same here! chrome display : jquery.min.js?1513900750:4 POST https://example.com/index.php/emailInboxes/inlineEmail?ajax=1&postReplace=0&contactFlag=1&skipEvent=0500 (Internal Server Error)
  9. I don't know why, but I install 6.6. then update it to 6.9. It will work. By the way, x2crm team need test it strictly. And I still expect their new version, no any roadmap or update news.....
  10. the github files may have issue. I download it from sourceforge, then everything works. But I feel bad as met this kinds of issue.
  11. new fresh X2crm 6.9 installing process met "Error applying initial configuration: 42000,1065,Query was empty" , I don't know why. environment php5.6 on debian, all extension installed.
  12. it has been almost few months, there is no any news about x2crm update. Does it means version 7 will be coming ?
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