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  1. I agree that would be more intuitive. As I say, I figured it out but that would definitely be easier to work with especially as I will be working with a lot of different lead types based on the form they come in on. Thanks for getting back to me.
  2. That sounds possibly useful, perhaps more so with larger team. Can you give me some examples of how this might be used?
  3. Ah, okay. Let me have a think about which approach might work for me and then I will let you know my thoughts.
  4. I have a situation where I would like to offer visitors the option to pre-register interest for one or more seminars. Right now I have three identical web lead forms with different tags but as the seminar list grows so too will the number of forms. It there a way of using one form? Also, are tags really the best way we have of recording interest by leads? Ideally, I would like to associate the lead with a particular conference (product perhaps?) What can you recommend?
  5. Has anyone had any experience running an affiliate program connected to X2CRM? Ideally, I would like a solution that I can self-host that is open source like X2CRM. Perhaps an integrated module (even if I write it myself). Has anyone done this before? How did you get on?
  6. Is there a guide to the various widgets? For example, there is a widget called "top sites". What is the intended use for this widget?What do other people use it for? For example, the message board widget. I tried adding a motivational message and hitting update but nothing seems to update when I refreshed the page things were still the same... What is this widget for and how do I use it?Have I misunderstood this widget or have I hit a bug?What is the intended use for this widget?What sort of tasks is it suited to? I don't mean to sound like such an ignoramus, I'm just having trouble gettin
  7. In the UI, under "more", just above "email" is a tab called "topics". Clicking through show me an overview "no topics" and the sidebar includes a "create topic" link. I cannot find topics in the wiki or the documentation. What are topics?
  8. I have created an email inbox which I have used to send emails. However, I cannot access it from the email tab. The error I get is: I am unsure how to go about correcting this issue. Is this a bug, a config error in X2engine, or a server setup issue?
  9. What is the best practice for offering unsubscribe links (I assume that is what the donotemail field is about?)
  10. Purely by accident, I discovered I could click through from the lead to the details of the user and only then could I find the tags from the form. That is not at all obvious.
  11. I have created three similar web lead forms. They all ask for exactly the same data. I added different tags to each one. However, the leads come in without any tags at all. How I am supposed to tell which lead came from which form? This is some pretty fundamental stuff and yet it seems I have no way of knowing of my leads are interested in the courses, the new ebook, or working for us.
  12. Oh right, that could definitely stand to be clearer. I'm glad you said something. Documents, right. I did not think of looking there. If I understand this right, the user that gets the lead will not have template values filled out but the end user (the lead) will. I think I can live with that. Thanks for the clarification. This is quite a lot to learn.
  13. When creating a web lead form I have the option to send two emails, one called "user email" and one called "weblead email". I assume that user email sends the email to the person filling out the form and the other to the person the lead is assigned to? Anyway, however that works (I am sure I can figure it out in time), how do I create the email templates that should populate those lists?
  14. When creating a web lead form and specify to create a new lead from it, the lead source options are "none", "Google", "Facebook", "Walk in". How do I create lead sources such as "Website A" or "Email campaign B" for example?
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