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  1. Thanks Attila. 7.1 is EOL this year, any word on 7.2?
  2. PHP is past end-of-life, and 7.1 expires in 2019. There isn't a big difference between 7.0 and 7.1, but 7.2 does have a few more significant changes. It would really be beneficial to test on 7.2. http://php.net/manual/en/migration72.php http://php.net/supported-versions.php Glad to see the project is progressing, thank you!
  3. That would be excellent news. I'm really looking forward to where X2 goes.
  4. Yes, I was very excited by this new release. PHP7 speeds are tremendously better as well. Hopefully the X2 crowd can make it happen in the near future. For now, I'm still off-line since summer.
  5. Hi Phil, I'd be glad to helped, but after several attempts, I can't get my installation past login; so no bugs to report. Otherwise I would be happy to volunteer time. Regards
  6. Hi, PHP 5.6 was initially released in 2014, and hits end of life this December, however it seems there are a fair number of changes between PHP 7.1 and the current version, PHP 7.2, which are causing enough bugs that X2 appears to be unusable. Is there any effort or timeline in place for making X2 compatible? Thanks, Rob
  7. This appears to be related. A little back history: I am on an re-install after a site hack, and a number of circular dependencies eventually forced me me to go from Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.6 to Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.2. Let's just say changes to Homebrew PHP installation, like dropping extensions in favour of a larger core with PECL for the missing components, has been hell. On a related note: support has dropped for IMAP and this will eventually come around to nip X2 on other platforms. So, after installation, it is not possible to login. The Server 500 error is: PHP Fatal error: Declaration
  8. Hi Raymond, Thanks for the reply. What a great list of improvements!
  9. 6.6 is released as an update, but there is no change log, or even a comment in the X2 blog (the last entry is about 6.5, in February). Has anyone attempted the update? What are the changes? I'm all for being the open source bug testing community and forming some constructive feedback for X2, but it feels a little too vague to commit.
  10. Thanks for checking into it. I looked into it. mod_deflate is enabled on this server and compresses JS and CSS files. Like you said, webTracker.php is a content type JS, but the local file won't match the conditions in .htaccess. The enable compression error only flags webTracker.php.
  11. And just one more thing... The expiration is not specified, which is a "Consider Fixing" issue. Cheers
  12. Google offers a tool to check web sites for speed optimization and chances are more than good that the page speed, both measured and as a ranking optimizations not completed, will affect search engine ranking performance. Enabling the X2CRM web tracker puts an uncompressed and un-minified script on every page. PageSpeed Insights ranks both of these as "Should Fix" problems.
  13. Is there anyway to delete, or at least filter, web activity by your own accounts? I have a pretty low volume web site, and use the site throughout the day, so the activity log is filled with noise: 
 Testy Person is currently on your website! 17 hours ago 0 0 Testy Person is currently on your website! 18 hours ago 0 0 Testy Person is currently on your website! 19 hours ago 0 0 Testy Person is currently on your website! 21 hours ago 0 0 Testy Person is currently on your website! a day ago 0 0 Testy Person is currently on your website! a day ago 0 0 Testy Person is currently on you
  14. Maybe those "compound" flows could call out to other named flows and return? Sounds interesting. There also needs to be a way to flag e-mails and stop repeats. I had a flow accident and sent someone a 1/2 dozen. It was only a slight embarrassment, but definitely could have been worse.
  15. +1 on this. Sometimes I want to tag other contacts even. Then... there's the odd e-mail that comes in for a current contact, but under their 2nd e-mail which doesn't get logged, and there's no way to log it. Also, can you fix that?
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