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  1. Thanks for answer, The topics http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3105-event-assigned-not-visible-in-the-calendar-of-member-assigned-to-652/arrive in english context. This explain why i wrote two posts in the two different forum.
  2. When i select the french langage in preferences of the user and i create a new event, this event is not visible in the calendar. Only the events created in english langage are visibles. Si je saisis un évènement alors que j'ai choisi le langage français dans préférences de l'utilisateur, cet évènement n'est pas visible dans le calendrier. Seuls les évènements saisis avec le paramètre "langue anglaise" sélectionné sont visibles. Have you an idea fo fix ? (Sorry for bad title i can't modify. It coul be : Event created in english is visible, not in french. )
  3. Hello, I have a trouble in the calendar since the 6.5.1. ( not existant in 6.5.0) After updating in 6.5.2 and install a new version 6.5.2 for better testing, the following trouble continue : - when creating a new event in the calendar with assignation to other member, the event is not visible in the calendar of the member assigned to. For testing in new install, i verified the member where well affected to a group. I verified the members where affected to a rule with all view and edit permissions. Each member has the right to view calendar of other members. Have you an idea fox fixing
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