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  1. Setting up the lookup field requires that you change the field itself, not in X2Workflow
  2. The id may be being procedurally generated by our code, and may not be used for CSS. I would take a look at its class instead The CSS code is located in the themes directory
  3. Sorry, by type of forms I meant the two forms that X2 offers, which are our web lead forms or service forms. I believe this may be a bug on our end as we are currently aware of a login bug that is happening with the recent versions. It may be a session error, so for now I would recommend clearing your session variables when you encounter the issue. We will try to find the root of the issue as soon as possible.
  4. If you are trying to view a contact on the Google Map, you must have the contact log it's location first (via email opened, website or form viewed, etc)
  5. Hey Eugene, What types of forms are you working with? Try testing using the SRC url in the iFrame to better debug. Also try testing with a private (incognito) browser
  6. Thank you Attila! We will look more into this for the upcoming release
  7. Thank you for letting us know! We will try to include this fix in the upcoming release
  8. I believe you should be able to without consequences. I would suggest (before making any customizations) to create a backup of both source files and data, and to work in the custom directory
  9. Hey alt_f4, How are you going about the migration? Are you copying all the source files over or are you doing a fresh install and just moving the data over?
  10. Arun, That may be a bug in our system, we will do more testing and try to replicate the issue.
  11. Hey howard, What is the 500 error saying is wrong? One method, which may not fix the problem at hand but will help it temporarily, would be to create a new user for the person experiencing the problems and seeing if the same errors are occurring.
  12. I was meaning that the flows contain an email trigger, so regardless of how the email was sent (inline or not) the email trigger would be triggered. However, this may not be the issue, what browser / OS / X2 version are you using? Just so I can be more acquainted with your environment.
  13. Ah I see, the field type of that field is a boolean, so that may be the reason why filters wrong. Thank you for your bug report!
  14. Hey all, That is a common error message when installing X2CRM, just continue the installation. The log for that error might be being cached somewhere.
  15. X2 provides a service for cloud hosting if you're interested. Check more of our products out here
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