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  1. I am also seeing this same issue. I tried it on 7.0 and it seems the custom logo's are not using HTTPS and causing an otherwise secure site to be indicated as not secure. Any chance that this is going to get fixed. Is there a workaround or code change that can be done to address this?
  2. I had just two documents in my DB so I changed their IDs to 1000 and 1001 and now the update worked correctly. Thanks so much for you guidance!
  3. I'm updating from 6.5.1 to 7.0. I found other posts related to similar error but it doesn't appear that the issue I'm having is related to x2_dropdowns. Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '56' for key 'PRIMARY' I actually tired looking at the primary key of all tables and could not find a duplicate '56' entry. I believe the error is happening on this sql command since it is the next one to execute after the list shown of working commands prior to the error. ALTER TABLE `x2_admin` ADD COLUMN `dropboxCredentialsId` int(10) unsigned NULL AFTER `twitterCredentialsId`, ADD
  4. I am seeing a similar issue... can someone from X2CRM please respond with some help? Using version 6.5.1 on server.. using newest iOS App 5.1.5 This is what I'm seeing .. Start app and enter my x2crm URL. Tap the Launch button It shows my x2crm log in screen. I enter my username and password. A completely white screen is shown - nothing else. Kill app. Start x2crm app again and it shows the Launch button I tap the Launch button... then receive this error: "We received an unexpected server response. Please ensure that you have network access, that the address you specified is correct and th
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