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  1. Hi all, I am running the Community Edition of X2 version 6.5.2 and I have set up a simple workflow to trigger a second email after the first has been opened. However when the second email has been opened the workflow triggers again and the second email is resent again and this appears to be an infinite loop. Obviously I have missed something, could anyone please shed some light on this? Thanks, Vincent
  2. Thanks Raymond, I will investigate and revert. Kind regards & thanks, Vincent
  3. Hi Raymond, Thanks so much for your help, it was indeed a firewall rule on the hosts server. Once they opened relevant ports we were able to authenticate. However we are still not out of the woods. When I try to configure the inbox I get this error; Failed to open IMAP connection. Please check your email configuration and ensure that your email credentials are valid. The error given was:Certificate failure for outlook.office365.com: Server name does not match certificate: /C=US/ST=WASHINGTON/L=Redmond/O=Microsoft Corporation/CN=outlook.com" Any ideas as to what to do with this? I have
  4. Thank you Raymond, I will check what you have advised and come back to you. Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it. Kind regards, Vincent
  5. Hi Raymond, When set up using a standard email account I can send and receive from within X2CRM. Using the Office 365 settings, both SSL and TLS on port 993 it fails. To rule out the host I set up a new install of X2CRM on a different provider with the same result. Also connected to both from a mobile device using mobile data to rule out firewall issues. Then I set up a trial hosted account on X2crm.com and applied the same settings and it worked without issue. So is this a bug with the community edition? I can PM you credentials if you want to take a look, but I am stumped at this
  6. Hi Raymond, Thanks for your response. I have tried using the base settings and the Office 365 Account Type. The IMAP settings are; Server name: outlook.office365.comPort: 993Encryption method: TLS SMTP Settings;Server name: smtp.office365.comPort: 587Encryption method: TLS These are the settings as per our Office 365 Outlook Web Access and also work on our Outlook desktop version. The outbound firewall isnt the issue as the problem persists when the firewall is bypassed and we connect directly to the Internet. Thanks for your help. Vincent
  7. Hi, We are using the community edition ver 6.5.1 and I have a problem when setting up a connection to Office 365 / Outlook.com When using a standard mail server we had no issues, but since moving to Office 365 the IMAP credentials fail. The settings I have used are; Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server: outlook.office365.com 993 Incoming Mail (POP) Server: outlook.office365.com 995 Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: smtp.office365.com 587 All settings fail. Any suggestions as to what to do? Thanks, Vinc
  8. Hi, I need to remove both the Adjustment and Comment columns from quote that are printed or emailed. The columns can still appear in the back end, I just dont want customers to see these. i still need the adjustments feature so that I can add VAT to quotes. Has anybody any advice as to how I could do this? Thanks in advance. V
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