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  1. Hi I have some troubles with creating emails. I created responsive email with mjml framework. Email looks good on mobile devices and PC. If I send this email to contact personal (from Contact page -> email) it looks good too. But when I use this template in Marketing Campaign or save it as Template, it looks ugly. HTML code of saved email is not the same that I inserted into editor, it doesn't have many tags and properties. Is there any option in X2 to set "don't touch my HTML code"? Thanks
  2. Hi, guys. I found strange thing with marketing campaign scheduling (i use latest 6.5.2 version). Scenario: create few contacts, add them to new list, create new marketing campaign for this list, set launch date in campaign screen. Everything works well. Campaign will be sent to contacts in specified time. But when i create another campaign with same list and set new launch date, it says that all emails already sent! But it's new campaign, absolutely different from first. So this campaign is never completed, it still Active=YES, and nothing happens when launch date comes.
  3. Hi, guys! I'm planning to use bulk email campaigns for my subscriber's list (now ~10000 contacts), but have a ploblem. I connected X2CRM to my current SMTP provider and send campaign email to test list (~300 contacts). And it takes 3 minutes, it's really slow (< 2 emails per second). So I thought maybe there was problems with my SMTP provider or with channel, and tried to send campaign using fake SMTP server (https://nilhcem.github.io/FakeSMTP/), installed on the same server that X2CRM installed, just to measure burst send rate. And got the same send rate (1-2 mails per second). During th
  4. Found it! When viewing log /x2engine/protected/runtime/console.log I found that it triggers when searching inbound mail in different catalogs of Gmail account, but same incoming mail can be found in many catalogs of Gmail (for example in All mail, Important and Inbox). So X2 think that there is three different emails and triggers 3 times.
  5. Thank you for reply. I found that "Inbound Mail" triggered many times only with my Google mail account (tried today again - and I had 5 flow executions with 2-8 seconds intervals for one incoming email!). I tried to use another mail account (Yandex) as My Inbox and it works perfect, only one-time execution of flow. So I think it's not a cron problem. Cron file is ok, no doubles. I tried to set different timing intervals for cron jobs, and had same problem with Google account. I think it's problem with my account or Google Email Account App.
  6. Hi! I've just installed X2CRM (6.0.4), created one google email account app, activated cron. I'm trying to create flows for "New Web Lead" trigger and i have a little problem. I made 2 web forms - first with tag "subscription", and second with "site". In flow I want to send mail series if it has tag "subscription", and just a mail if it has another tag. So I made simple workflow: But there is a problem: Answer in condition is always NO! My new web lead is created with form with tag "subscription", created contact has tag "subscription", but condition doesn't work. But when I added a sma
  7. Hi, i've got the same thing. I created an email app for my google account, then set it as My Inbox in Email section, and then deleted email account in Manage Apps section. Since then i have non-working account (Error 500 when i click on Email or Profile). I think possible fix is to delete this email profile from my profile directly in MySQL database, but first need to find table where it bind.
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