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  1. Thank you - I will look at the newer version also.
  2. The default email: Create Your X2Engine User Account Hello, You are receiving this email because your X2Engine administrator has invited you to create an account. Please click on the link below to create an account at X2Engine! How can I edit this email? I'm unable to locate the text. Thank you Sean Version 7.1 X2CRM
  3. I have a form, works as it should and populates the fields as needed. But in the preview of the form per the activity of the profile, only shows the old default fields, not the ones I created. Like I mentioned, the fields do populate in X2CRM, but not in this preview, am I missing something?
  4. Thank you for the suggestion. I did this. And the same issue. My test is done with 1 domain with the X2CRM installed and the another domain with the webform placed on the page. Tested it with mobile phone, same issue - using Safari on iPhone. Tested this with Firefox on desktop, logged out of all systems, cleared cache and works 100%. Tested then on chrome failed, tried another machine on Chrome, same - failed. I dug deeper into the community form. And located: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3732-csfr-token-error-raising-its-head-again/ I then found the path of the sugge
  5. I have 3 sites. I would like to add the contact form of X2CRM to all 3 sites. I attempted this and I am getting an error. I did look at the documentation per the alias domain and editing the cname records of the domain. Is this this correct method or is that a "how to" in order to make this work?
  6. I am not sure if anyone can shed some light on this issue. It suddenly stopped working. It was working and the the pop-up box is blank.. but on the notification page, they are all there.
  7. I'm looking for the attribute of a contact profile link. Does this exist? I'm working in the "X2Workflow" and wanting to create a custom notification and also add a link to the contact profile.
  8. Problem solved. Server setting. Changed the open_basedir from the default to "none" and works 100%.
  9. I moved my install from a cpanel environment to a plesk environment. I changed the single user email and the url settings in the .sql file. Everything is working. Except for the "Notification" box. It shows I have notifications in the number value, but the box is empty. Any idea what I missed in the move? The activity is showing in the feed, but there is nothing printing in the notification box.
  10. I have X2CRM Version 7.1 and unable to view inline images via the email module, any fix for this?
  11. I'm not sure if I'm missing the solution for this. I have a default email and a service email. 2 emails only. When we create a service request and send an email it works and logs the email in the service request only. BUT when the person replies, it then logs to their contact profile. I can not see how we can get the reply coming from the service email to log into the service request email thread. Considering we have 2 emails, can we log the reply from the client into the service thread of emails only on the service email we have assigned per the admin section? Or no? Thank you
  12. Version: X2CRM 6.0.3 I have managed to make the changes to the 2 files mentioned in: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2CRM/commit/d87ecb69e470721c45b7d206b8dab74437595541 & https://github.com/X2Engine/X2CRM/commit/929519b2044d4dc4ca7549642ef8d0cc72e14ab6 I can now get attachments when email arrives in the X2CRM inbox. BUT once I log the email to the user profile, the attachment is not seen in the user profile email section, but it's still seen in the inbox of X2CRM. I do understand, I'm running an older version. Instead of pushing an upgrade, is there a fix for this particular ite
  13. I sure do. If you can or someone can tell where and how - I can do this.
  14. I see I can make custom pull downs. But is there a more efficient way of getting all 195 countries into a pull-down for the contacts, instead of a text field?
  15. Error installing module "users". SQL statement "ALTER TABLE `x2_calendar_permissions` ADD CONSTRAI..." failed;HY000,1005,Can't create table `seanbrid_crm`.`#sql-58a8_3d53e` (errno: 150 "Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed") not sure what to do now...
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