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  1. Thank you for share! Do you know how to integrate Google Form (Goog Sheets) and X2CRM (through Zapier or anything like this)?
  2. I've tagged many contacts with a tag. Now I want to change this tag for manage and filter contacts easily, Is there any way to do this?
  3. I'm using Shared Server on stablehost.com. How can I check the web server error log?
  4. Finally, I've done what you guide and have correct result 1. Create custom lookup field from Contacts to Quotes, my field is Last Quote 2. Create new quote and link to contact 3. Edit contact and set the lookup field to the quote's nameId field manually 4. Create workflow with formula I have another question in step 3: "Edit contact and set the lookup field to the quote's nameId field manually", can automatic this step by auto add last quote linked to contact in step 2 to custom lookup field?
  5. When I use "browser's dev tools with Ctrl+Shift+i, then switch to the network tab and retry the mass action", It show 2 errors like picture below but I don't know what it is This is my log on protected/runtime/errors.log 2017/03/02 13:41:53 [error] [exception.CHttpException.404] exception 'CHttpException' with message 'Không thể giải quyết yêu cầu "themes/css/lib/fonts/Montserrat-Regular.ttf".' in //mysitelink//framework/web/CWebApplication.php:286 Stack trace: #0 //mysitelink//framework/web/CWebApplication.php(141): CWebApplication->runController('themes/css/lib/...') #1 //mysitelink
  6. If I only choose 100 contact on one page (1, 2, 3...) and do actions Add selected to list, It show mass action dialog containing the progress bar normally I'll will check "browser's dev tools with Ctrl+Shift+i, then switch to the network tab and retry the mass action. Also check your X2CRM error log at protected/runtime/errors.log for an error around the time of failure" and report to you.
  7. When an Invoice status is paid, products is out of store. So can X2CRM add feature allow Inventory auto update by minus Current Inventory to Quantity of Line Item corresponding? I've find out in Workflow but still not found any way to update automatically Inventory of Products when Invoice Status is Paid. Or can X2CRM make products in Line item of Invoice is lookup field to Products?
  8. Hi! I often use static lists. When my list over 100 contacts, when I check all contacts, has options: "All 100 contacts on this page have been selected. Click here to select all contacts on all pages." like picture: When I choose click here, my site show: "All contacts on all pages have been selected (311 in total). Click here to clear your selection." And I choose option in More, 2 options: Add selected to list and New list from selected not working though I add to existing static list or create new list.
  9. Thanks Raymond, I've add field Latest Quote to Contacts module like picture: But I don't know how to do "before changing to the Contact, set the lookup field to the quote's nameId field to facilitate lookups." Please show more detail about this step!
  10. I've made new workflow with Flow actions Change Record like picture below And I add Update Record and Email flow actions in Update Record, I choose Deal Value but I still no successfully in formula plus Total of Quote and current Deal Value like this: ={dealvalue}+{c_quote.total} I've tried other formula ={dealvalue}+{quote.total} and ={dealvalue}+{total} but the same result. Please show me the correct formula to plus Total of Quote and current Deal Value of Contact
  11. I'm making a Workflow with condition like picture below Trigger: Record Updated + Record Type: Quotes +Compare attribue is Invoice Status: equals Paid and I want update field Deal Value from Contact record linked with Quotes by Contact field. I think have to use {attributes} and {chained attributes} to do this but still on finding out how to do. How can I do this with Workflow?
  12. I use Products module to manage my products. But I have 2 store with same products. I've created new field call Store, type Drop-down and and add 2 store to this field. I want when choose Store in drop-down, It's still keep product name but change in Inventory and Price of each store? Please help me to manage same products and different store. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for quick response, Raymond! I've update database with your SQL query and can update contact normally. Hope this error will be fix soon!
  14. Update: I've tried to delete Fingerprint ID "4" in page http://mycompany.com/index.php/marketing/fingerprintIndex but still cannot update contact merged from exist Contact and New Contact
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