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  1. Можно скачать девелопер ветку с основного репозитиария и вытянуть от туда файлы и положить в релиз
  2. В последнее версии x2crm уже наш перевод, и в версии выше. 6.0.4 будет интегрирован
  3. Lead - лидactivity feed - лента событийemail - emaillogin - входAvatar - AvatarSocial Media - Social MediaСase - СaseWorkFlow - Рабочие процессы Я думаю пока не проблема использовать на английском, будет меньше шансов на путать. А вот case даже не знаю...
  4. Dear developers . We have previously raised the issue of a public list of innovations developed , but have not received a response. I would like to see a separate page on the site Todo format and Roadmap for future versions . In the last video, 27 minutes Black Screen , and can not see what you have planned for the 6.1
  5. In Russian in a modal window is no notification text
  6. Кому нужны переводы, актуальные будут лежать тут https://github.com/Pomazan-Bogdan/X2CRM-ru/archive/X2CRM-ru.zip
  7. To promote CRM has published an article in the largest share, I think that would be a lot of traffic) https://habrahabr.ru/post/306112/
  8. A few questions: 1. If I create a theme, can I sell it? 2. If I create a module, can I sell it? 3. If I create integration (separate php files) if I can sell them?
  9. I think that it can be implemented in the initial phase modules, which can then be integrated into the main development branch. Perhaps the developers should create a project on Github (modules), which can run third-party developers ..... But I am now faced with some aspects in the import and export of the following modules.
  10. Hi I create custom module/ custom field I need a paper copy.Do you have a standard printing.But I need another form of output. (As in the photo)Is it possible to customize printing?
  11. I suggest you find a performer on https://www.upwork.com/You need a system administrator to configure the experience: Apache PHP Mysql Installation of the system is as simple WordPress installation, these professionals very much.
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