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  1. - X2Peter (See http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3772-issue-after-updating-to-71/)
  2. At this point of the installation check if the 'x2_accounts' table has already been created with its fields. If it has, its possible you might be able to skip this query and continue on with the installation
  3. It has been brought to our attention that three vulnerabilities were found in our app. Please take the chance to look over the following fixes for these vulnerabilities and apply them to your installations. These fixes will also be included in our next version. Fixes: Exception handling for invalid input to prevent SQL injection from the ActionHistoryChartWidget Permission check for Arbitrary file download via the global export in the admin control panel and when exporting themes Field purification when processing requests to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS)Files: https://github.com/X2En
  4. You might have to change the ownership of the webroot so that it's owned by your user and modify the permissions so it's readable, writable and executable by your user and group.
  5. Hi Noime, How are the Account and Contact records linked? There currently isn't a straightforward way of doing this off the top of my head. What you can do is create a custom field in the Contacts form that will essentially mirror the field in Accounts. You can do this by setting up a workflow that will update the new custom field in Contacts if the field from Accounts gets updated via the remote API Call action. If the Account has a Contact linked to it via Relationship then maybe you can use: the "Record Updated" trigger based off of if the field has changed -> into the "Change Record"
  6. Hi mcrt, Have you already checked if javascript is enabled under Safari's Preferences -> Security tab?
  7. You'll have to set up a third party app email account password (e.g., Gmail's "App" Password) and use that instead to verify your credentials.
  8. Is the dynamic list being created at all and is it returning empty or is it giving you an error?
  9. Hm, is there a specific sequence of events that lead up to the app freezing? Sorry, calendars are not currently accessible from within the mobile app. Although, it might be possible to sync your calendar from within the app to your google calendar, then view it as a google calendar on android. To configure Google integration for Calendar sync there are steps you can take under "Configure Google Integration" located on the same page. Yes I agree that this feature of a media gallery would be really helpful, Thanks again for letting us know! Welcome, Josef
  10. When capturing audio, video, or images on the Android platform, there is a chance that this error might appear. This bug has been noted and might be fixed as soon as the next patch is released. Thanks for you patience, Josef
  11. Hi, Have you set your Google API Key? This field is located under the Admin Panel -> "Email Configuration & 3rd Party Connectors" -> "Google Integration" at the bottom of the page under "Google+ and Google Maps Integration" Cheers, Josef
  12. Hey Eugene, This feature does sound great. Such a feature will be considered in a future release. Cheers, Josef
  13. Hey Mario, Yeah, it should be possible to do this for the Android app thanks to plugins such as: https://github.com/dalyc/Cordova-CallLog-Plugin. Although, I do not believe it would be possible for iOS due to privacy concerns/regulations they have with being able to access the device's call history. I will definitely add this to the list of features to be implemented in a future update. Thanks, Josef
  14. Hi Mario, Yes, I believe it would be possible to implement such a feature due to this Cross-platform barcode scanner plugin for Cordova/ PhoneGap: https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner. Hope this helps, Josef
  15. Hi Cory, The field you might be looking for is 'completedBy'. A field which contains the user who created the action. Josef
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