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  1. Hi Raymond, Thanks for the information. In my current version i dont have an option for HTML, i might have to update to a newer version to include this. I can only See URL as the closest option available. (Current Version X2Engine 4.1.7 Open Source Edition ) Once i have upgraded, do i just add the HTML data in the database and then it will display properly in the form>? Thanks John
  2. Hi Guys, Do you know if it is possible to ad a custom field to display a hyperlink. For example, i have some custom fields that currently hold a link to a website, the link however is quite long and wraps around the whole table, it works just fine but just want to neaten it up abit. We currently just fill in the data straight into the database and it displays with the whole web address. For example the link is www.google.com/thisisalongwebaddress?user=123&id=123456 ...... I would like see if its possible to replace that whole link with a hyperlink that points to that address, i h
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