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  1. The problem is always triggering. Using the 'wait' was an idea but we found we could trigger it multiple times for the same record e.g we create a record with the Birthday...wait set. Then we find the date was entered wrong and we update it, now we have two waits in the queue... and the person gets two Birthday wishes and one on the wrong date. We also tried simply adding the field in the All Contact display, then manually sort on that column, select required records for say the week and run a macro - but the date fields don't sort chronologically but alphanumerically! You can do a se
  2. UPDATE: There was a .htaccess file with " deny from all" in ../uploads/ directory. I removed that statement (not sure if it should be replaced with another appropriate statement) but now the images display. Pardon my lack of technical expertise. Appreciate all the help. And thanks Raymond for the detail on the custom image field setup: http://community.x2c...ages/#entry9359 Back to broken images: I have installed Version 6.5.1 and the images are still broken. I added a new image to /uploads/gallery/_4.jpg This image is in there with permission of 0644 set. The folder (/uploads/gallery)
  3. Any chance of a sample screenshot or text of what each of the fields should look like? (I think I've got it; but nice to see an example ;-) I also just realised that it still doesn't work (I was trying above) until we upgrade to the next version yet to be released as we have the broken image issue still (we are on V6.5) - I assume it will be say V 6.6... correct? Time frame on that roughly? Cheers, Peter
  4. Trying to use the X2CRM App on iPhone. When I enter our X2CRM web address (https://crm.sportschaplaincy.net.au), press "START", then "LAUNCH", we get the message: "We received an unexpected server response. Please ensure that the address you specified is correct and that your installation of X2CRM is at version 5.5 or above." Address is correct (works in browsers) & we are at version 6.5. We fulfill the criteria... what else do we need to do to fix this? Cheers, Peter
  5. Spoke with our Hosting provider VentraIP. Apart from 2 other areas (which we ruled out) the had this to say: Can you confirm the number of PHP Scripts running when X2Workflow events are triggered. Am I right that each simultaneous path in an X2Workflow (e.g. each Trigger or even within a Triggered event the 'split path') equates to a single PHP script running? I have a lot of these rules and depending on the status of the record, many of these are triggered. If it is, I have to workout how to operate with a limit of 20. Thanks in anticipation of a quick reply.
  6. When a MODULE XXX is connected back to CONTACT, it creates a RELATIONSHIP. It would be good to have Workflow be able to see the relationship exists (and access to the fields of the connecting relationship; like chained attributes) in either Module to execute process. Example 1. Membership Module (MM) is linked to CONTACT. In the CONTACT record we can see the Relationship to MM. In Contact I want to set a field based on whether a Relationship between MM exists, or not. Then I can create lists based on the relationship existing e.g. Membership List. Example 2: ModuleA and ModuleB are tw
  7. We are consistantly getting ERROR 503 - it seems random though. It is reasonably constant with an update of some records. However, I suspect it is to do with a whole lot of simultaneous Workflow processing on the record. We sometimes just hit the back button and try again and it may error again or it works (no rhyme or reason that is constant) - but this is not good as I think some parts of the workflow actually executed whilst some others may not have. Any ideas where I can begin to look or what I need to do to resolve this error?
  8. I want to set a field to say "YES" on a CONTACT record if a Relationship has been established between that CONTACT from another MODULE. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I might do that? I can't find any way to access the RELATIONSHIPs displayed on the Contact Record. e.g. We have a Membership Module. It links to the CONTACT. In CONTACT we can see that the RELATIONSHIP is established with the module, MEMBERSHIP. But unless I then manually create a reciprical LINK BACK to the MEMBERSHIP Module, I can't access the fact there is a relationship with MEMBERSHIP and therefore ca
  9. Bah! I was looking at this for too long... thanks Raymond. Correct code is just: 'YY'=>'return date("y", $model->createDate);', 'MM'=>'return date("m", $model->createDate);',
  10. Trying to desperately extract the YY & MM from the createDate in a Module and create shortcodes {YY} and {MM} so that dynamically from a records createDate in any module e.g. April 20, 2016, 2:37:58 PM the the result for {YY}=16 and {MM}=04. Note: when I look at the data in the createDate field in the database I see "1462336943" I tried the following: 'YY'=>'return date("y", strtotime($model->createDate));', 'MM'=>'return date("m", strtotime($model->createDate));', But, when I do this and Update a record via workflow the {YY}{MM} displays as 7001 (which is January 1970, I
  11. The Need: I have a Module2 that creates a Field e.g. Membership Status, and I want to update a field back in the Contact record that the Module2 record is linked to. i.e. I want to Contact to have a Membership Status field that is derived from the Membership Status field in Module2. SCENARIO: I have a Contact in the Contact Module. I then have Module2. Using the name field it does the lookup and links to the contact in the Contact Module. I can see the relationship between the two when viewing either record in Contact Module and the Module2. I can successfully get fields from the Con
  12. SOLVED. Syntax of code provided was missing the ';' after the closing bracket The code should have been 'year' => 'return date("y");',
  13. I added 'year' => 'return date("y")', to the shortcodes.php file. When I then added {year} to WorkFlow, Update Record, field (type=varchar) Date YY, and add just {year}to it, the field returns blank (I looked in SQL database and it was no longer NULL but just blank). I tried on another field {year}_{id}and all that returned was _2Which was the underscore plus the id. No Year was prefixed. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Problem 1 was a BUG. Developers now aware. Problem 2 - I finally worked it out. The video instructions were not very clear at first - bit complex. The video kinda helped but made many assumptions regarding the viewers previous knowledge. Finally worked it out by trial and error.
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