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  1. Matt we were having a similar problem with way too many nearly identical forms. This article was helpful to us: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3339-solved-how-can-i-get-the-url-from-aweb-form-lead/ Assuming that you have different pages for each of your seminars, you could use the same form with the URL field as described in the post. Then create a flow that adds a tag for the associated seminar based on the URL where the form was submitted. Alternately you could create a checkbox field for each seminar to use instead of tags. Assuming that a given contact might be interested in more than
  2. Browsing posts and noticed this as an answer to your question: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3222-e-mail-opened-trigger-options-empty/ Hopefully you figured that out already but maybe it will be helpful to someone else in the future : )
  3. We have been having trouble with this for years, but it seems to be even more problematic recently. It is very frustrating as it makes it impossible for us to send responsive email templates to our list. Several particular problems we've noticed: When initially saving an email template within the Docs module, the whole <head> is stripped out. If we edit the newly created template and paste in the same source code a second time, it does not do this. Apparently something about the sanitization is different when first creating the doc versus subsequent edits.When sending an email using the
  4. We were able to implement this as well and found that if you mark the Source URL field as "hidden" there is no need to add the CSS for "display: none" Great solution to keep from having to create multiple duplicate forms. Thanks!
  5. We've inspected the html code that is generated from the iframe and pinpointed the part that is triggering the geolocation: <input type="hidden" name="geoCoords" id="geoCoords"></input> <script> (function () { if ("geolocation" in navigator) { navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) { var pos = { lat: position.coords.latitude, lon: position.coords.longitude }; $("#geoCoords").val(JSON.stringify (pos)); }, function() {
  6. Hi Isaiah, Thanks for the quick response. We took a look at that file and found an instance of loglocation. However, that file seems to only control functions upon submission of a form, but the location tracking is being triggered upon page load before a form is ever submitted. Commenting out or deleting the loglocation call did not seem to affect the location tracking since we still received the same browser notification. Is there some other file that manages the tracking for a page with an iframe before a form is even submitted? Possibly a function managed by WebListenerAction.php, webList
  7. Whenever a webpage with a contact form gets loaded, a browser popup alerts the user that the site would like to track their location. We DO NOT want this feature enabled. However, it is unclear if it can be disabled for forms. We have disabled geolocation under the Web Tracker Setup area but this has had no effect. How can we disable geolocation on weblead forms? This was not previously an issue since we did not have SSL enabled on the website.
  8. This is a feature we would really like to have also. However, X2 does not really provide a good way to do it. The method I have thought of is outlined below. However, we have not actually tested this yet so I'm not sure if it is possible: 1. Create fields for Contacts for the different lists/preferences you would like to have. 2. Create a custom form (not the X2 standard ones) that includes the Contact name, email, these lists/preferences, and any other fields that are applicable. 3. Embed the form in a web page. 4. Use the API to check the email address on form submissions. If the email addre
  9. We see a solution was offered in this thread: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3045-solved-update-error-604-65-cannot-add-foreign-key-constraint/ We will try that and report back.
  10. We got a similar error when trying to upgrade from 6.0.4 to 6.5: Exception: "A database change failed to apply: ALTER TABLE `x2_actions` ADD COLUMN `locationId` int(10) unsigned NULL AFTER `timeSpent`, MODIFY COLUMN `calendarId` int(10) unsigned NULL AFTER `assignedTo`, ADD INDEX `calendarId` (`calendarId`) USING BTREE, ADD CONSTRAINT `calendarId` FOREIGN KEY `calendarId` (`calendarId`) REFERENCES `x2_calendars` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE SET NULL;. 2 changes were applied prior to this failure: CREATE TABLE `x2_calendar_invites` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `actio
  11. Interesting workaround. We will look into it. Thanks for posting!
  12. That should be all you need to do when sending as a marketing email campaign. I'm not sure if it works for individual emails. We have only utilized it as part of a marketing campaign. Which method are you utilizing?
  13. Hi ToanLuong, Here is a screenshot of the section of the Admin area where you can find the Email Settings link. Then below the blue line is what you see on the Email Settings page after scrolling partway down. You'll see that we've configured the "Do not email" link to just say unsubscribe but you can put whatever you want in that box and then Save the settings. We are using the self-hosted version of X2 6.0.1 but I assume it would be the same for any platform and recent versions. Hope that helps! http://webservio.com/email-archive/images/unsubscribe-customization.jpg
  14. Like Alberto, we also have a way for subscribers to change their email preferences without totally unsubscribing. It would be nice to have these options integrated within X2. In the meantime, we accomplish this by using two separate links. We use the {_unsub} merge with text customized to say "unsubscribe" (this can be changed in the Admin area > Email Settings > "Do Not Email" Link Configuration). This allows us to create a more streamlined look and prevents the default footer from showing up. So the code looks like: Update your <a href="#">email preferences</a>. If you do
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