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  1. Hi, Thanks for help alt_f4, and thanks for all picture you share x2Derek, this the right anwser. Finaly i solve my trouble with cancel import Cedric
  2. Hi, I login as admin, but i don't see trash icon, and not tag icon Thanks
  3. Hi, After a bad import, i need to delete about 1500 account and contact, i need to delete all of this. When make a list of account or contact, i can select 100 rows, but i can't see delete option thank for help Regards
  4. Thank you for all. How to make close, resolved forum item.
  5. hi, Thanks, I see on email, but not on doc. Thanks for help
  6. Hi, So i'm french, and i try french translate for X2CRM. Sorry to say that but it like Google Translate, or not Paris French, french from some where else like canadian, or some where else. Some thing like as i write english. So how can i help to share a better Paris / French translate for futur version. Thanks
  7. Hi, First day with open source X2CRM. I don't find list of fields can i use in document template or email template. Thanks for help
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