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  1. Thanks Jake. I'm looking to use Stored Procedure so just handling the operations and data with raw SQL. Are there any restrictions or privileges which prevent direct insertion or running any other queries on any of the X2 CRM tables? For example the x2_quotes_products table ?
  2. Hi, I have records of client purchases of service/product in another DB outside the CRM DB but within mysql host server only. So for a account record in X2 CRM I require a way to automatically create a quote and add data into the quote from external purchases records on every fortnight for example. Note: I already use the X2CRM Account id in my purchases records. Example of main columns of purchase records table in external DB made for all customers: `request_service_id`, `supplier_account_id`, `has_confirmed`, `when_confirmed`, 'service_name'So I need to insert all records in a quote f
  3. Hi, Is it possible to print the quote to doc or xls file instead of just html? I'm able to attach the quote template for a quote and print it in html with "Print..." button for now.
  4. Ok I have got the Ans for 1st point. It should be the following file to change the Quote Template layout: custom/protected/modules/quotes/models/Quote.php In the method productTable which generates markup for quote line items table for template. But haven't be able to figure out point 2 & 3.
  5. Hi, How can I change what is emitted for the line items field from Quote Template and set conditions for field placeholder? How can I change the "Comments" column heading to something else? Which default code/script file can I customize and place in the custom dir? I have done this with the Quote module label, so the comments label is changed on the frontend. But it doesn't seem to changed for the template. Also the price in the line items includes the currency, I would to remove the currency. Please let me know which code file to edit? Or how to configure to remove currency from the fron
  6. Thanks Derek, I have easily changed the Comment label in the php file _lineItems.php and placed in the customization dir. But how can I change the name of the field called description? I guess it is an entity that will be need to changed in the DB table too? Is it advisable to do this? I would like to change the field name to Request ID and make it indexable. is this possible? I understand that adding a new filed to the invoice item model is complicated. But how would I go about adding Date of Sale? Each item/service in my invoice model will have a Date of Sales. I can change the scheme fo
  7. Done some research http://x2community.com/topic/953-new-column-in-quote-template/ http://x2community.com/topic/869-add-description-product-in-quote/ http://x2community.com/topic/1606-quotes-changing-products-fields/ It will be good to know which code to edit to make this change. This is the most unfortunate issue with the default invoice/quote feature, no customisation information. Otherwise invoice is a very useful feature in X2CRM. If this is not possible I will need to create my own (or use a 3rd party) custom invoice system with tables outside the CRM database and codebase. Note
  8. Hi, I would like to customize the quote line field as follows Change the "Comments" to another field name/label Add Date of Sale column for quote/invoice line itemI understand this is not possible to customise from the frontend. If so how is it possible to achieve this from the backend code or database? Also how to ensure the customisation remains intact after every X2 Engine update? What code/DB can be edited to do this?
  9. Hi, Does upgrading to latest X2Crm version using built in automatic updater lose any data and customizations? Is it advisable to upgrade with the host's software installer like softaculous or X2Crm's built in updater? Please let me know the best way to backup in the event any data is lost during upgrade. Also where I can find the release log for the latest version of X2CRM? New here, sorry if this is repeated, please let me know where these questions have already been answered. Kind Regards.
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