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  1. This was happening to me when trying to sync my gmail. Later, I received the following email: I followed the directions, went back to X2 and successfully authenticated. Related note: I'm finding that gmail addresses with a period in them eg john.smith@gmail do not sync calendar with X2 calendar. Has anyone else had this problem? I wrote about it here: http://x2community.com/topic/2469-some-google-email-accounts-do-not-sync/?do=findComment&comment=10384
  2. I am testing out Google Integration for Sign-in With Google and Google Calendar synchronization. I was able to successfully set up integration as directed but I noticed a potential bug Email addresses with a period/full stop "." fail to synchronize the calendar. john.doe@gmail.com can sign in with google, but X2 Calendar events do not sync to google calendar Email addresses without a period/full stop seem to work just fine. johnsmith@gmail.com is able to sign in and synchronize the calendar. I've tested so far with 2 emails that have a period in the address and 2 emails with
  3. Derek, I'll look into using X2Flow for email notifications thank you. As far as the pop up you show in the screenshot, on Friday I created an action due at 5pm with a reminder 1 hr before. When 4pm came around, it did not pop up although it was visible if I went to the home page. When I logged in this morning, the notification popup was waiting for me, telling me about the action which was due last Fri at 5. EDIT Upon inspection, I had my timezone set incorrectly. I chose the correct timezone, created an action due today at noon with reminder 1hr before and it popped up on time.
  4. Hi. Question about reminders for Actions and Events When I add an action with a specific due date and time, I see the option to add a reminder x minutes before it is due. I expected the reminder to produce some kind of pop up, or other obvious audio or visual cue. However, while testing the reminder function almost nothing happens. I received no notification of the reminder outside of the dashboard page. There is no indication of the upcoming event or action If I am working in a different module or record at the time. Am I missing something? Is there some setting I can turn on to make re
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