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  1. Hi @jack good to hear. Is there an estimated time for the upcoming release? Best regards!
  2. Mey you´ve some includes and/or htaccess rules from WP, that´s also valid for X2? We´ve a similar configuration and it´s working fine.
  3. Tried to downgrade PHP (but should work with your version)? Strange...
  4. @jackWhen there´ll be an valid update for this and the other bugs? It´s OK to search for soltions (the one above helped me out!), but it´s a little bit annoying to investigate... Regards!
  5. May I politely ask @jack if there are any news? Regards!
  6. Do you have a link or some more details for us?
  7. Same question from my side...see also here
  8. Bumping up, we´ve to upgrade to PHP 8.0 within the next 6 weeks. Has anyone already successfully used PHP 8.0? Regards!
  9. You have to define lookup-fields for the same kind of information (Admin: https://..../index.php/admin/manageFields) to link them.
  10. Hi @X2Raymond, Any news about 2FA? Google Authenticator / Microsoft Auth would be nice 🙂 Regards!
  11. Hi Peter, is there already a schedule?
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