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  1. Hi Clifton, We're using Version 8.0. It's encountered most often in the email module when replying or writing an email. I don't recall it happening when writing an email inline, but it's certainly possible. Regards, Andrew
  2. This bug is still being reported by my staff. Has there been any progress on fixing it? It's pretty serious problem when you can't write an email without the cursor jumping around.
  3. Was working one minute, then the next it bugged out and won't work again. Error Code: 500Error Message: Call to undefined method Workflow::userCheck()Stack Trace: [click to toggle display]Error in /var/www/vhosts/illawarraflyers.com.au/httpdocs/Applications/x2engine/framework/base/CComponent.php(614) : eval()'d code(1)#0 /var/www/vhosts/illawarraflyers.com.au/httpdocs/Applications/x2engine/framework/base/CComponent.php(614): eval()#1 /var/www/vhosts/illawarraflyers.com.au/httpdocs/Applications/x2engine/framework/zii/widgets/grid/GroupGridView.php(299): CComponent->evaluateExpression('Wor
  4. Hi Guys, Just wondering when this bugfix will be added to the codebase? Rather strange I need to fix it every single time I update given it's a bug and a simple fix at that. Regards Andrew
  5. Hi Justin, Over a year and two releases later, is this still planned to be fixed? Regards, Andrew
  6. Hi Peter, This happens with both forwarding and replying, and I've tracked the behaviour in both Gmail and Outlook Web interface clients. I've double checked to ensure images aren't being blocked by the client itself. I'm PM'ing you the actual link that comes through. The mailbox is managed by Dovecot. Warmest regards, Andrew
  7. Hey Guys, Two bugs for you to investigate: Sometimes, when you load the email module, and select a checkbox, the icons don't appear to delete move or more. When you perform an action such as delete in the Email widget, it doesn't refresh and the message: failure appears in the place of the whole widget. The page then needs to be manually refreshed and is functioning properly. This is a consistent bug and happens across all my modules. Sometimes there will be a new email, the system can see there's a new email, but takes forever for it to make it into the list (~30 minutes). Context: I added
  8. Hi Guys, We've been having issues with the email client with forwarding emails with embedded images. The image comes through as broken by the time it gets to destination email. Warmest regards, Andrew
  9. Hi Guys, There's a CKEditor error which is occurring when clicking the new email button in the Email Module. Replys/Forwarding plus new emails from records are working fine. The error is: SCRIPT70: SCRIPT70: Permission deniedckeditor.js (50,375) Emails work fine when operating in Chrome. I've found Edge has superior speed when working with X2Engine, which is why I've been using it. Warmest regards, Andrew
  10. Hey Guys, Whenever I press reply or forward on an email, the signature gets inserted into the bottom of the email, rather than before the quoted text. It means I have to copy and paste the signature each time. The behaviour should be more consistent with other email clients. Warmest regards, Andrew
  11. Awesome news! I'll start reporting them again.
  12. Hey Guys, I just wanted to clarify whether you've started actively working on bugs again? If so, I have a few I want to highlight and some reported ones that need bumping (including some with the solution, but hasn't been incorporated into the codebase). There wasn't much point when X2CRM's reply was thanks we'll look into that. Warmest regards, Andrew
  13. Yesterday, I might have agreed with you. However today I login to my X2Engine and there's a update to 7.0 available. This might purely be the security update they warned us about earlier or it could be the major update they were talking about at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, the Readme, Changelog and Release Notes links all don't point anywhere nor are there any announcements, so I'll sit tight and wait for information on what's actually in the update before updating.
  14. Hi Russel, 1. This isn't possible to my knowledge in the current system. You'd either need to program this functionality in manually, or more practically, setup the form with collapsible rows for each option in the form builder. The user would then collapse the rows not needed to focus only on the questions needed. 2. Probably the way to automate that is creating an X2Flow Hope this helps. Regards Andrew
  15. Hi cgodwin, Go to Admin > X2Studio Customization > Dropdown Editor Locate Priority in the list, you can add additional options there. Regards Andrew
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