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  1. Is there a way to expose a record's image gallery in the REST API?
  2. Page: /index.php/admin/appSettings CurrencySelect a default currency for quotes and invoices. Shows the default currency dropdown instead of the modified currency dropdown
  3. My Web lead form is on a different server than the CRM. The information in Public Info Settings isn't useful for what I need. What I do need is to be able to set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header from the CRM so the frontend can access the information in the iframe.
  4. I kludged it thus: Flow 1: Action Completed->Process Stage Completed Flow 2: Process Completed -> Update record Is there a more elegant way to accomplish this?
  5. Is there a way to update a record from another module when an action is marked as complete? The only record it seems I can edit is the action itself.
  6. Correct again! It was the .json suffix that was missing.
  7. Here's the setup: I have a custom module: Portfolio Portfolio has a custom field: c_buyer (Alias to Accounts records) c_buyer is a Lookup field for Accounts c_buyer stores the nameId of the account When performing an api call: Portfolio/by:c_buyer=First Last_ID There is a space, which is badly interpreted and returns a 404 %20 does not work + does not work I have not been able to determine where/how to urldecode() the space
  8. Permissions. That'll do 'er... Setting api user to admin role solved the issue.
  9. Edit Role Access Changing View property to Only Assigned for Actions is not honored for Custom Module Steps to replicate 1) Create Comment (action type: note) by admin. Table: x2_actions Column assignedTo reflects admin username 2) Create new role, Edit Role Access to allow Actions -> View checked and dropdown Only Assigned 3) Assign test user to new role. 4) Create Comment (action type: note) by test user with new role . Table: x2_actions Column assignedTo reflects test user username 5) View custom module Comments widget as test user. Admin comment should not be visible, but is.
  10. Thanks for the reply. /{module}?_limit=4&{custom_field}=1 doesn't want to work either. It doesn't return a response of only four objects, it returns the first ten (maxPageSize is set to 0) records. Additionally, the custom fields of the response do not correlate to the query request ({custom_field}=1).
  11. When trying to limit a JSON response to a number of fields, the Max Page Size setting (Platinum) always overrides the query number in _limit This and various recombinations haven't worked: {module}/by:{custom field}=1;.json?_limit=4Setting Max Page Size limits to 10 reference doc: http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference
  12. Let me rephrase: When pulling data from x2 throuhg the api, the only credentials I can authenticate with (using PHP/cURL as the mechanism) are my own user admin credentials (user 1). The credentials for the default api user won't/don't work. I get a 403 error when trying to use them.
  13. On a similar note, I can login to the API system *only* using the admin credentials. x2E comes with an api user, but no combination of username/alias/password/apikey seems to work for that user. Is there a profile setting/permission that needs to be changed? TIA
  14. This is a cosmetic issue Color Preference: Terminal Page: /index.php/admin/editRoleAccess Problem Details: th css color set to #F7F7F7 #permissions-table th css background-color set to #dedede There isn't enough color contrast between the two elements
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