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  1. Okay good to know, now I can be shure it's my fault. Are there any plans to change this to 2-way sync in the future?
  2. Attached to this post is my dutch language pack. I needed this for my own use, and decided to share it with the rest of the community. Translation isn't perfect, but it think it's a good start. x2engine_dutch_translation2012_09_5.zip
  3. Hello, I'm quite new to X2crm, but learning fast, and it's seems to be a very good solution for my needs. The problem I've encountered is about syncing the calendars to google calender (and from there to different phones). I've set up google API and connect the accounts, but I can only get the calender to sync to google calendar, but not the other way round. So if I make changes on google calender those changes won't be done at X2. I'm not entirely sure if this is desired behavior, of do I forget something? I'm running 1.6.6 (sorry for the poor english, I'm not an native speaker)
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