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  1. Ok, meanwhile I found something. When importing the status bar doesn't move. but files are imported. e.g. I tried to import a file with 48 contacts, that actualy worked but the status bar doesn't works.
  2. now there is another file making problems! Where I can send the files to? We need to start but can't unless we can't import Contacts!
  3. import basically works, but was stopped at 1700 out of 2100 contacts and nothing happend anymore
  4. Hello Raymond, yes I know! I can't attach cfind the function to attach files. I attached it here, please download it and remove it ASAP1 I don't know why, but it is working now! was there a hidden update?
  5. any update? We can start our Marketing Campaigns to finaly start our Company!
  6. I updated to 5.0.7 but no change! still not working!
  7. Hello Raymond, I'm using version 5.0.5 As for the file, I'll send it to you via personal message.
  8. Any idea on how to get it working again in order to finaly start our company
  9. Hi Derek, I'm currently running the Free Edition. Attached is the X2 engine error log. Thanks for your help! We wanted to start campaigns this week, but due to this issue, we can't import we have to postpone. I tried it from several Computers, because at first I thought, there might be a plugin problem on on my computer, but it's the same on all the other computers. errors.log
  10. Hello Community, somehow from now to than the importing feature is not working anymore. Right now I'm trying to import a list of 48 contacts, but the status bar is not updated and only some contacts are imported. after about 1 hours it still looks like this:
  11. Hello, I realised a problem with the import function: I created my csv files with entries for multiple values, but after importing those values are not added to the dropdown list. Thanks!
  12. thanks, I had it done by a pro! It works now!
  13. Hello Community, how can I import multiple values into one dropdown? Let's assume, I have one records, with these locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Zuhai Now, in Excel how do I mark that? like stated above or like this: ["Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Zuhai"] Thank you very much!
  14. Anyone having an Idea? I mean I'm not a professional IT guy, threfore the text given is just some criptic text for me, what feature do I need to activate in plesk 12 or windows server 2012 r2? Cannot install X2Engine Unfortunately, your server does not meet the minimum system requirements; The requirements check script could not determine if local files have correct ownership because the "posix" extension is not available. The "mysqldump" and "mysql" command line utilities are unavailable on this system. X2Engine will not be able to automatically make a backup of its database during
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