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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if its possible to set through x2flow the following automatic daily email: - For each user who enters new contacts on the day before (current day -1) - X2flow will send and email from the username and user's email who created the contact, using an email template. So with this, is there a way to do this on x2flow? I just checked on the "email contact" but it doesn't seems to allow to set up that emails can be send from the contact's owner registered on the system. Bests!
  2. Thanks Raymond, do you think its possible to add this feature in a future version?. I think it could really add an important value to X2. Bests!
  3. Hello Raymond, What we're trying to do is to send email marketing to all the contacts which accounts are related to and specific condition, like having their "rubro" field (company industry) equals to an specific value. Important to note that "rubro" field is a dropdown field. So, in our model, the modules are: - Accounts with "Account->Rubro" (dropdown field) - Contacts which requires to be filtered by their Contacts--Customer->Rubro == <specific value> Thanks!
  4. Hello, I just created a different module on my instance for managing other contact types. But now when I'm trying to send an email marketing, this module only points to the contacts module. ¿Is there a way where I can set up the marketing module to point to the new created module instead the contact module?, maybe creating another marketing module. ¡Thanks!
  5. Hi All, I'm trying to add the weblead to my site but when I'm testing it, its not creating the contacts when submitting a form. My web lead can be found here. I also configured the web lead distribution and tried with and without the "Gerenate lead" option checked. Thanks!
  6. Alberto, Prueba con las tareas agendadas de x2flow y con las etiquetas (tags). Entonces a diario se va enviando un correo y etiquetas a quienes lo han recibido una vez enviado. Nunca lo hecho pero lo haría de esa forma. Saludos
  7. Hello Raymond, is there any feature for this now? I really need it to do a mass update on contacts information. Thanks!
  8. Hello All, I created some fields for mistake but the field delete feature seems to be not working because when I'm searching for those fields to delete them I can't find them on the list. Please see attached screenshots. Thanks!
  9. Makes sense to add the notification on an email. Just don't want to spam myself with them. Please keep me updated on this new feature. Bests!
  10. Hello, Is there any way where I can add to forms a field data which results of the search of other field data? i.e. If I enter "Social Security Number", the system automatically shows the Fields: Name, Lastname, Phone, etc. Thanks!
  11. Hello All, is there a way where I can suscribe to get notifications on specific accounts updates from another users? Thanks!
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