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  3. The hosting company reset my php.ini file here is response. This issue has been caused by a different version of PHP on your current and old webservers. I've just edited custom php.ini file, located in /public_html directory and corrected the path to extensions. Back in business, Thanks for your help.
  4. HI Jake, Well, the good news is that I was given wrong information about the PHP version. I'm actually running 5.5.3, so I guess we are good to go on that point. Secondly, my host is opening up a ticket for me to fix the Softaculous defficiency and try to get things working from their end. In the Softaculous installation listing area I get a message that both instances of X2 have been disabled. So, I think they are going to have to remedy that for me and maybe I can work toward a new installation at a later time. I'm intent on upgrading within the next few months to begin using mor
  5. X2Jake, Additional info. I originally installed these two X2CRM installations with Softaculous one click installs. Probably my first mistake, but I was just learning... So, I migrated my entire cpanel over to the new server and guess what, the Softaculous on that server does not have X2CRM as an option. It seems that Softaculous is not recognizing the program, even the x2CRM backups did not transfer. So, I have a feeling I'm going to have to take the long road around. But I'll wait for commentary from on high! I can't help asking though, can I simply download an install a fresh cop
  6. Ok Jake, I accessed the requirements file and found this near the head of the file. This is a brand new instance of a reseller accout with cpanel import. Before I blather on, better to wait for feedback from the xperts. I can copy the entire output if you need it. How to configure server...ahh that is the question? Thanks for any feedback. I'm willing to reinstall and connect db if necessary. thx!!! ///////////////// // SET GLOBALS // ///////////////// $document = '<html><header><title>X2Engine System Requirements Check</title>{headerContent}</head><
  7. Thanks a bunch Jake, I'll take a crack at that and report back.
  8. Greetings, I just moved my entire cpanel account which includes two softaculous installations of x2CRM. Both have been moved to the disabled area within softaculous. All other websites and installations seem to be functioning okay. They are both set up on subdomains. I get this message when trying to connect to the site. CDbExceptionCDbConnection is unable to find PDO class "PDO". Make sure PDO is installed correctly. Any help on how to get these installations back online? Thanks in advance.
  9. x2Derek, Just wanted to offer an update on my blank screen. I updated to 5.08 today and the blank screen issue is now fixed. Thanks a bunch
  10. X2Derek, Yep, blank screen, no error message. thx
  11. I recently updated to 5.0.7 and cannot access the preferences page at this time. I've tried logging out and back. Everything else seems fine. Thx in advance, Sorry if i'm putting this in the wrong place. David
  12. X2Raymond, I was chatting with my webhost about something else and asked about this problem. They checked the logs and came up with this message. Thought it might be helpful. ] Cannot serve directory /home/davidlou/public_html/healthyself.me/x2/uploads/: No matching DirectoryIndex (index.html.var,index.htm,index.html,index.shtml,index.xhtml,index.wml,index.perl,index.pl, index.plx,index.ppl,index.cgi,index.jsp,index.js,index.jp,index.php4,index.php3,index.php,index.phtml, default.htm,default.html,home.htm,index.php5,Default.html,Default.htm,home.html) found, and server-generated direct
  13. X2Raymond, Here is another twist. I installed another instance of x2engine for a client. After setting up a few things a logging in and out a few times, I received the same message about "missing Java libraries" I haven't set this system up enough yet to know whether the marketing module is doing the same funny business, but is seems to be a bad sign. Could it be something in my server enviro? I've tried to produce the error codes you asked about and can only get one error code in the console. Thanks again, David
  14. Hey Raymond, I tried multiple page loads of various types in the network tab without any 404 or 500 error codes. I was able to reproduce the JS error as above. thx, David
  15. X2Raymond, What about the idea of doing a complete export/backup and uninstalling x2 and reinstalling, then importing all data. Is that a viable solution to my problem, or do you suggest trying to work it through and find/implement a fix?
  16. Ok, I found this JS error when trying to load a template in the "create campaign" window. However, there is no email dropdown arrow to test, it simply does not appear. It does appear in a campaign that I have already sent, but there is other info missing, I think, from that page. When clicking the arrow in the old campaign, there is no error. Here is the error message when trying to load an email template. Thanks, http://healthyself.me/x2/uploads/media/admin528/x2_js_usetemplate_marketing.png
  17. X2Raymond, Here is themessage from the login screen. http://healthyself.me/x2/uploads/media/admin528/x2_missing_js_lib.png
  18. X2Raymond, Not 100% sure this is what you are looking for. The 1st is a screenshot of the JS console, parts where I could see error messages. And a screen of the Network tab showing some of the JS responses. Then screenshots of the marketing page regular view and next in edit mode. Let me know what else I can do. Yes, the browser returns a message on the login page "missing java libraries." Everything else in the system seems to be fine. Thanks a bunch. http://healthyself.me/x2/uploads/media/admin528/js_test_x2.png http://healthyself.me/x2/uploads/media/admin528/marketing_diagnose_
  19. X2Raymond, I haven't tried actually using the webform on a site yet. I am still having a problem with the marketing module. I cannot send emails in bulk at all. The one campaign I did manage to get out before this problem appeared, is now not showing the open statistics, etc, even though it did for about a week after the send. So, what happens is; if I go to email a list or create a campaign and add a list through the lookup, several problems are presented. There is no "test email" link When choosing a template, the template does not appear in the preview window. There is no action at
  20. I'm sorry this is happening in the open source version as well. I was (am still trying to be) very excited about the x2 system. I really like it, but it is hard to justify taking the next step when I'm stopped in my tracks. Hope a fix comes soon.
  21. Thanks Glenn, I'm using firefox, but I'll try other browsers and see if I can get something going. I managed to get a campaign out with a backup method, not the best option, but at least not a total loss. overall, I'm really liking the x2 system, hope the fixes work out soon. Kind regards, David
  22. I'm having a similar issue in 4.3 open source edition. I cannot see the template content nor is there a test email button. I sent a campaign out a few weeks ago and everything worked fine. I the old campaign I can see the email preview and all the stats show up. Also, when launch campaign there is no progress bar, which I think I remember happening in last email send. So, I see the list, the stop button, the complete button, but no indication the email is going out. update: Email is definitely not being sent I'll have to switch to another option for bulk email until I can get some hel
  23. Is the bulk update only in the professional and up version? Also, is there a way to set up an unsubscribe/change subscription options page in x2?
  24. I agree, merging contacts would be a huge help. I am just trying the system out and feeling very comfortable with it so far, however merging is somewhat vital. Thanks for the great work. David
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