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  2. When attempting to add a calendar from outlook after creating the necessary app etc. I receive the following error: Error Code: 404 Error Message: The system is unable to find the requested action "outlooksync". Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] CHttpException in /home/example/public_html/crm/framework/web/CController.php(486) #0 /home/example/public_html/crm/framework/web/CController.php(270): CController->missingAction('outlooksync') #1 /home/example/public_html/crm/framework/web/CWebApplication.php(282): CController->run('outlooksync') #2 /home/example/pub
  3. Last week
  4. Version: 8.0 Problem: If you create an email template larger than 64kb and then use this template in a marketing campaign, the email sent is truncated to 64kb. NOTE: the Send Test Email in the Campaign does not get truncated. Cause: The database x2_docs.text field uses the data type longtext; the x2_campaigns.content field uses the data type text. Fix: Alter the x2_campaigns.content field to longtext.
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  6. Hello, Thanks for the response. I know where the modules are I see all of them but the one I just created. Should the custom Module i just created be under the same directory protected/modules
  7. Same question from my side...see also here
  8. Hi darkMetal, The file you sent was the CommonControllerBehavior.php not the CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php. I have fixed the issue and recommend you take a back up of your current "protected/components/behaviors/CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php" and replace it with the attached file. I also recommend updating to a newer version of X2 since php 7.1 may cause issues with older versions of X2. -Jack CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php
  9. Indeed. Again, Thanks jack for your help much appreciated. CommonControllerBehavior.php
  10. Can you post the file "protected/components/behaviors/CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php".
  11. I'd like to know if there is any way that I can have a FREE two factor authentication in X2CRM (version 8.0). Just similar to WordPress is doing: I can use Google Authenticator to generate a number of 6 digits and input after I input user name and password. If no free method is available, what is the most cost effective way of doing this?
  12. Let me know if you need thing else to illustrate the problem
  13. Sure, Error Code: 500Error Message: A non-numeric value encounteredStack Trace: [click to toggle display] PHP warning in /protected/components/behaviors/CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php(180) #0 /framework/base/CComponent.php(261): CommonSiteControllerBehavior->login() #1 /protected/controllers/SiteController.php(1517): SiteController->__call() #2 /framework/web/actions/CInlineAction.php(49): SiteController->actionLogin() #3 /framework/web/CController.php(308): CInlineAction->runWithParams() #4 /framework/web/filters/CFilterChain.php(133): SiteController-
  14. Thanks, can you also post the error, the stack trace helps, but I'll also need to see the error.
  15. I've cleared session table, token and lgo, same issue.
  16. Hi, Thanks for the response Jack! This is the lines from 178 - 181 } $this->_resolvedModelClass = $modelClass; } return $this->_resolvedModelClass; } I'll try to clear the session table and see if the issues persist.
  17. Can you post line 180 from the file protected/components/behaviors/CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php. Also have you tried to clear the sessions table in the database.
  18. Hello, I am getting the 500 error also infinite loop of expired session. Ive tried to clear the cookies as other suggested/ incognito mood.... also during the installation i've had two requirements unable to find the tmp folder and the SSH2. PHP warning in /protected/components/behaviors/CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php(180) #0 /framework/base/CComponent.php(261): CommonSiteControllerBehavior->login() #1 /protected/controllers/SiteController.php(1517): SiteController->__call() #2 /framework/web/actions/CInlineAction.php(49): SiteController->act
  19. Hi @X2Raymond I'd like to know if I can use Google Authentication for X2CRM 8.0? If yes, pls advise how.
  20. Hi TechnoStev101, All custom modules are placed in protected/modules. If you are having trouble finding it try using grep and lookup "class {new module name}" and you should find it's class file. -Jack
  21. Hello All, I took over our X2 CRM server 7.1 from a previous sysadmin over a year ago and i haven't had the need to create a new module myself till now. I found the create module field in the admin panel and it creates the module, but I am not finding it under the custom\protected\modules or under protected\modules. We have a lot of custom configuration with a lot of custom modules. Am i missing something? all the other custom modules show up in the above directories except this new one. Is it suppose to? Many thanks, Steve
  22. Hello! I've checked the requirement and i am getting the below; even thought the temp file is write at the root level! not sure why i am getting the below error. Usage of the system temporary directory, according to "sys_get_temp_dir", is either unknown or not permitted. Google integration will not work. ssh2 extension: required but missing. The FileUtil class needs the SSH2 extension to use SSH as a file operation method. The path defined in session.save_path () is not writable. Also, i went ahead and ran the installation to get the following errors as-
  23. Hi Katia, yes you can create records with our API. Here is some more info about our API http://wiki.x2crm.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference
  24. Bumping up, we´ve to upgrade to PHP 8.0 within the next 6 weeks. Has anyone already successfully used PHP 8.0? Regards!
  25. In general PUT method can be used to create a new record, or update an existing record. Does anyone know if it can be used for such with X2CRM API, or is it only used for updates?
  26. When I try to open the calendar when I'm logged as a admin, I get an error 500: Error Code: 500 Error Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] X2Engine Version: 8.0 PHP Version: 7.3.27 Surprisingly, when I log as a regular member, it shows the calendar OK, I searched everywhere but di not find any clue. (I tried deleting the encryption.iv & encryption.key, did not work) Also, where would be the translated file, as in French, some words are funny so I need to correct them. Thanks for the good pro
  27. Hi guys, Is it possible to attach a pdf file or other file to an Email Template. The information is not part of the contact info or other info so the attribute system in a template may not be able to be used. If the attribute system can be used or there is a way to attach a file please let me know.
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