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  3. Thanks Jack! This is a great answer. I just checked -- we are on X2CRM V 5.4.3-0 and I have a license key. Not sure of original user count, equal to or less than five I think. I'm eager to see what V8 brings to the table. John
  4. Hi JHMorris, First let me thank you for being a long time user. X2 is still active and being updated to this day. Since 2019 we have made big updates, PHP 8 compatibility, and smaller updates, new outlook and google oatuh2 integrations, to list a few. There should be no issue with hosting any of our current or past versions of our app. Since before my time starting here, about 4 years ago, we have been under the stewardship of CEO Dave Buchanan who has extensive knowledge and history in the field of CRMs. We plan to continue work to make X2CRM one of, if not the best, CRMs on the market. If
  5. HI, I've been a long standing user of a paid version of X2CRM (own deployment, perpetual license). Not currently in use; version 5."something". Reviewing the CRM options today available to us, we conclude that X2CRM can still do the job. Originally, the multi-pane home page was very attractive, the amazing depth of functionality based on a powerful database -- AND especially "bubble up" extensive notetaking AND table-based data. So many commercial CRM systems really don't have a clue. X2CRM's momentum and outdated UX of course were always apparent. (Thru the 90's I was a big fan of Maximizer.
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  7. Hi Guys, Due to this thread I will work on making it easier to edit this message in the next version. -Jack
  8. Thank you - I will look at the newer version also.
  9. It is in {X2CRM root}\x2engine\protected\modules\users\controllers\UsersController.php" around line 473 (in version 8.0) BTW, I recommend you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible, as I found 7.1 to be buggy.
  10. The default email: Create Your X2Engine User Account Hello, You are receiving this email because your X2Engine administrator has invited you to create an account. Please click on the link below to create an account at X2Engine! How can I edit this email? I'm unable to locate the text. Thank you Sean Version 7.1 X2CRM
  11. Hi Dzaretsky, Thanks for the post, I'll look into adding something to fix this in a newer update. -Jack
  12. Through Google Workspace, I've set up an email alias as the default for my gmail account. I'd like to use this email alias for outgoing emails from X2. However, it seems to ignore the alias and sends emails using the original account email. I did figure out a workaround that requires 2 adjustments to the X2 code: 1. A separate "user" login entry is required for Google to distinguish between the email and login. In /protected/models/embedded/GMailAccount.php, add the "user" input in the functions below: public function attributeLabels(){ return array( 'sen
  13. I don't see any for 8.5 nor did I see any for 8.3 Thank you.
  14. I would highly recommend against hosting your own email, unless you know what you're doing. There are a lot of moving pieces and even a seemingly harmless update can break things. If you want privacy, try Tutanota or ProtonMail.
  15. Hello Jack, I am using X2Engine: 7.1 and PHP 7.1. Thank you Tom
  16. Hello Peter,

    Just installed X2Engine: 7.1 but cannot send emails from Web Lead Forms interface. When I click submit, everything seems OK and even brings the "Thank you" message.

    However, no emails are sent!

    Any heads-up on how to overcome this issue? I am using PHP 7.1.


  17. That works great thanks. I didnt realise I can use a users thats not an admin. But seems to work just fine. Thanks
  18. Hi Tom, Can you tell me what version of the app you are running? -Jack
  19. This sounds like an issue with your server host, who is hosting your website? -Jack
  20. Hi Eugeneb, The best way I can picture doing this without code changes is to set up a role and user that can only see the fields you want to send back then use that user for the API calls. -Jack
  21. Hello, So where is the solution to this very, very irritating bug?? Tom
  22. Hi guys, might be a weird request. But is there a way to send selected fields via a GET request. Not all fields and data on a record? My app and systems works great but the API GET request sends obviously all fields and data in the JSON response. But is there a command variable, espesially using the Direct URI to simply pass through certain fields? Thanks
  23. Here is the response I am getting: Error 406 - An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security. Thanks for your help!
  24. Hi Maleman, Can you post the response you are getting. -Jack
  25. I am having difficulties getting a POST to work through the API. I have several GET's working but seem to be doing something wrong with the POST. Here is what I am doing: X2CRM version 8.3 Desktop application using Python 3.x api_url for Post = https://www.mywebsite.com/x2crm/api2/Accounts headerPost = {'Content-Type':'application/json'} Sample Json = {"name": "Joe Schmoe", "type": "Prospect", "address": "213", "address2": "", "city": "Wala", "state": "WA", "zipcode": "12343", "country": "", "phone": "", "phone2": "", "website": "", "alternativeEmail": "", "annualReven
  26. Hi Chad, If you want to add more fields to users you will have to do direct sql inserts to x2_fields and modify the x2_users table. Another solution would be to make a new module and link each user to a record and add the additional fields to this other record type. -Jack
  27. I have a issue that I will need to solve either via customizing core code, new module, or someone's brilliant suggestion I am building out a custom fork/version of this for a real estate project and here is the initial problem thus far. We want to add agents in as "users" so that they can have roles/groups permissions etc. BUT - the default create user fields are not even close to the number of additional fields needed for this project to work. We're also doing some custom 3rd party api's as well - so we'll need ability to add/edit custom fields/options as we go. Is it possible to a
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