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  2. I was testing some requests by Postman. I have discovered the following. If I use https://crm.mydomen.com/index.php/api2/Contacts in api2 request, it creates new contact and web tracking key is recorded for one. And if I use https://crm.mydomen.com/index.php/api2/X2Leads in api2 request, it creates new lead but web tracking key is NOT recorded for one. How can I do this for creating leads?
  3. Hello, I have got a problem with recording Web Tracking Key. I am using api2 for web lead capture. There is a hidden field with name="x2_key" in my form, in which webTracker.js generates web-tracking-key. I can see this key in value of the hidden field on my page. I send this value by api2 e.g. payload = { "firstName":name, "lastName":lastname, "phone":phone, "email":email, "leadSource":"Website", "trackingKey":trackingkey, "visibility":1 } I get <Response [201]&g
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  5. New web lead, is a trigger for when a web from is submitted. What it sounds like is you are creating leads by API, in that case you should use the "Record Created" trigger and set it for leads. -Jack
  6. Dear X2-Team, Since the last release 8.0 (officially on 12/6/2019) some time has passed and also some announcements for a new version (including a new framework, bugfixing,...) have been made in various posts. Only: I haven't found an appointment, at least a rough schedule. Will there be an ETA for 8.x or 9.0? I hope for an answer & best regards
  7. Hello, I have got a problem with workflow. I created lead web form by API which gets new leads from my website. New contacts appears in Leads Modules without any errors and any problems. But I need to start workflow process, e.g. sending message to client or user etc. I created new workflow with: Trigger: New Web Lead Active: Yes Toggle Node Labels: yes I create setting parts of workflow to test one New Web Lead: Tags (optional): empty Edit Tags: Action: "add": #NewLeadWebsite Create Notification User: me, Message: "new lead!" But I do not get a
  8. Hi, may this https://reference.x2crm.com/workflow-manual/x2workflow-how-tos#formulas is a good starting point? See also here
  9. Hi All, I am just starting out so hopefully won't be too annoying with questions.... I have a good few years experience in the Salesforce world and am so impressed by X2 so far that I wish I had found it sooner! I was looking online for a list of syntax for common formulas but can't find one, does anything like that exist? I think it would be so beneficial as a guide to common fields but also understanding the logic of the system. The field I am trying to create now is to auto calculate someones age based on their Date of Birth, in Salesforce it would be something as simple as D
  10. Workaround (plus: style is nicer than original form): If you´re running WP, go for the GravityForms-Integration
  11. No, I do not get the message "Thank you". Besides I do not see page updating or rebooting, there is only the message in console "error fetching geolocation data"
  12. When you submit the form does it return a "Thank You" message?
  13. Could anybody help me? How can I find the error?
  14. Hi PilgrimofIT, Our permissions in the app don't allow for hierarchy, just assignment to users or groups. We have implemented what you described in a couple of enterprise clients but it can not be set up with out some code changes to you instance. -Jack
  15. Hello, I've been playing around with x2crm's permissions and I'm not sure if what i want to achieve is achievable. i want to set up the permissions to achieve the following: team 1 sales person 1 team leader sales person 2 sales manager team 2 Sales person 1 team leader sales person 2 Where sales person level only see their own individual contacts/accounts/quotes... Team leader level only see/access their own and s
  16. Thank you, I tried and got the same error
  17. Try your web form from an incognito browser or device that you have not used to log into X2. -Jack
  18. Hello, I have a same problem, X2CRM does not get leads from web lead form. I created web lead form and it was located in my site by iframe. I can see the form very well) But when I tested the form X2CRM did not get new leads and I had a notice in concole: "error fetching geolocation data weblead?bgc=%23ffffff&font=arial&bc=%23a79696&iframeHeight=385&webFormId=5&css=redirectUrl=:140 " and "error fetching geolocation data, weblead?bgc=%23ffffff&font=arial&bc=%23a79696&iframeHeight=385&webFormId=4&css=redirectUrl=:143" And I someti
  19. I have found out what the problem is. I am using localized version (russian), and there was the problem in viewing date-type with date-picker plugin. I set English version, now I have not this problem. Thank you!
  20. Hi Vitalii, Go to protected/models/X2Model.php then find "$pickerOptions" under "case 'date':" and add "'yearRange' => '-100:+100'," to the array so it looks like. $pickerOptions = array(// jquery options 'dateFormat' => Formatter::formatDatePicker(), 'changeMonth' => false, 'changeYear' => true, 'yearRange' => '-100:+100', ); This will allow you to pick 100 years into the future or past. -Jack
  21. Hello, can you confirm that line 144 in protected/components/behaviors/CommonSiteControllerBehavior.php is Yii::app()->db->createCommand( 'UPDATE x2_sessions SET status=status-1,lastUpdated=:time WHERE user=:name AND CAST(IP AS CHAR)=:ip AND status BETWEEN -2 AND 0') ->bindValues( array(':time' => time(), ':name' => $effectiveUsername, ':ip' => $ip)) ->execute(); Also what is the user name of your user? -Jack
  22. Do you have any hints from the developer console (F12)?
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